Shellfish Overload

Here are some pictures of what I was cooking (and devouring!) in the past three days. Stories, recipes, and more yummylicious pictures will be unveiled over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. Keropok Man says:

    ooooo… quick quick, post the pictures up!

  2. Hey seafood lover! Your drunken clams recipe is still on my to-cook list.

  3. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Keropok Man,

    Welcome back again to RM…haven’t seen you in a while. I am loving your blog and will link it to you soon. :)

    Simcooks – Yeah, I looooove seafood…I can’t help it…I came from Penang which has such great and fresh seafood.

    Wait for my other clam recipes and you can pick your favorite recipe. ;)

  4. I only know how to eat those small la-las…anyway, I saw that you left a comment in my blog but it kinda disappeared before I really read it? Would you care to comment again? Blogger was acting up the whole of yesterday!

  5. Sorry, me again, found your comment but in a different post. About the steam and all, it’s under Doggone Christmas. No wonder it “disappeared”. ;o)

  6. The curry dish looks fantastic…I can’t wait for your recipe.

  7. Hi, I’ve tried linguine vongole using part of your drunken clam recipe. Turns out really well. Italian pasta dish with a Chinese/Asian touch. Love it! Just added you to my favs!

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