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  1. @Delicious – I like nuo mi gai and jung too! Those are steamed in the leaf and served at dim sum, but Nuo mi fan is a little different. It’s steamed first, and then stir fried so I’ve seen it served in bowls at dim sum. At home, we just eat it out of the wok or from a large bowl!

  2. I love it. When I was studying in ACS Ipoh, an auntie use to sell it in the canteen. Next to the Malay food stall. Anyone can recall? It was 1983/4. I really miss the fried noodles, the chee cheong fun, the kuih stall and the lychee drink and the fritters from the malay stall. Good old memories, never will die

  3. Apparently “sweet rice” = glutinous rice and this is a twist in the preparation of Lor Mai Kai. You can also add some soaked tiny dried shrimps (dry fried)into the mix if you like.

    Wrapping in lotus leaf will give the rice a distinct aroma. This is a really lovely dish.

    • Ooh yes! My father-in-law likes to put the dried shrimps in his mochi rice. I have to try it with the lotus leaf. Do you re-steam it in the leaf after you fry the rice? I think that would work since I always resteam my nuo mi fan in order to reheat it.

    • @ Cookie C. Choo Choo – thank you! I’m not sure if you can use a rice cooker to steam the mochi rice. I’ve never tried it, but I think the rice may not come out to the right consistency. The steaming process is really fast and easy – you just need to have the patience to let the rice soak overnight – that’s the hardest part to me!

  4. i can’t wait to try this! i’m going shopping for the ingredients today…i can get fresh char sui in nyc china town. this sounds and looks a lot like those hanging meats in the restaurant windows. question — what brand of “good soy sauce” do you use? can you recommend a brand? i’m an amateur at asian cuisine :p

  5. My mom always stuffed our turkey with Nuo Mi Fan, it was what we looked forward to each thanksgiving. I never knew it was it’s own thing or what “american” stuffing was until I was maybe in high school or college!

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