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  1. Can I refrigerate puree? How many days will it last to ensure freshness? I don’t like the idea of freezing veggie/fruit puree. Thanks.

    • I am confused about this because different markets labeled differently. In my market, sweet potato = yam, orange color. But other place, sweet potato is pale yellow in color. Yam (pale purple color) is actually taro outside of the US.

  2. Yeay I have a Tiger(tigress) baby too! your boy is so adorable!! I agree with you, sweet potato is a very delicious baby food, I introduced sweet potato puree 2 weeks after the introductory baby cereal. And my baby also loves it until today. I buy the varieties of deep purple potato, orange potato (like yours), and later on Japanese potatoes. She at first loved the purple one more, but when I start giving the Japanese potatoes, it became her favorite now. It’s slightly expensive, but like you, seeing her downing the food without any fuss, even trying to hurrying you up, is priceless!

  3. My son is 11 mths n still loves his baked sweet potatoes. The way I’ve done it is to prick it with a fork, rub it all over with evoo (olive oil) n bake it @ 350 for 30 mins. After it’s been mashed with a fork, it gets scooped into a cube container n frozen til it’s needed.

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