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Bacon Wrapped Scallops


4 servings


25 mins


Bacon Wrapped Scallops – easy appetizer featuring scallops wrapped with bacon and grilled to crispy goodness on bamboo skewers. Simple party food!


– 10 oz. scallops – ▢12 pieces bacon – ▢cayenne pepper – ▢Salt

Step 1

– Wrap the bacon around a scallop nicely and secure tightly with a metal skewer. You may thread two of them onto a skewer. Season both the surfaces of the scallop with some salt and cayenne pepper.

Step 2

– Heat up the grill and place the bacon-wrapped scallops on the grill. Keep turning the scallops until the bacon becomes charred, brown and slightly crispy.

Step 3

– Turn the skewers around so the bacon is grilled with direct heat. Grill until the bacon becomes nicely charred all around. Serve immediately.

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