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Chicken  Karaage


24 people


50 minutes



– 1 pound (0.4 kg) boneless and skinless chicken breasts/thighs, cut into cubes – 6 tablespoons Japanese cooking sake – 3 tablespoons soy sauce – 3 inches (7cm) fresh ginger, peeled and pounded with a mortar and pestle to extract 2 tablespoons ginger juice – 1 teaspoon sesame oil – corn starch – oil, for deep frying

Step 1

Use paper towels to pat dry the chicken and transfer to a bowl. Add in the sake, soy sauce, ginger juice, sesame oil and marinate for 30 minutes, best for 2 hours.

Step 2

Transfer the chicken pieces out of the marinate and coat them evenly with corn starch, in a plastic bag such as Ziplock. Shake off the excess cornstarch.

Step 3

Heat up a wok/pot of cooking oil. When the cooking oil is hot enough for frying 350°F - 375°F (176°C-190°C), drop the chicken into the oil and quickly deep fry them until they float.

Step 4

Transfer them out onto a plate and wait for a couple of minutes. Put the chicken back into the oil and deep-fry again until golden brown and crunchy.

Step 5

Dish out to a plate or bowl lined with paper towels to absorb the excess oil, serve hot with a slice of lemon and mayonnaise.

How Many Calories per Serving? This recipe is only 361 calories per serving.

Chicken Karaage - crispy Japanese sesame fried chicken, the best chicken karaage recipe that is better than Japanese restaurants.

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