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Easy Steamed Mussels


4 people


20 minutes 


Steamed Mussels - easiest steamed mussels recipe ever, with simple ingredients and takes 20 mins. Serve with pasta for restaurant's quality dinner.


– 1 1/2 lbs. mussels – ▢2 tablespoons olive oil – ▢4 cloves garlic (minced) – ▢1/2 cup white wine – ▢1 tomato (diced) – ▢1 tablespoon lemon juice – ▢Salt to taste – ▢2 tablespoons chopped parley (Italian parsley preferred)

Step 1

– Scrub and clean the mussels and remove the beards on the mussels by pulling them off. Drain and set aside.

Step 2

– Heat up a skillet on medium heat. Add the olive oil. Saute the garlic a few times before adding the mussels. Stir and toss the mussels. Add the white wine and diced tomato. Cover the skillet with its lid and steam for 1 minute or until all mussels are open.

Step 3

– Add the lemon juice, salt (to taste) and parsley. Stir to combine well. Serve hot.

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