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Fried Calamari


3 people


20 minutes


Fried Calamari - deep fried calamari recipe Italian style. Serve with tomato sauce as dipping sauce, this is the best recipe ever, extra crispy, easy and delicious!


– 8-12 oz. (226 g-340 g) cleaned squid and tentacles – 1 large egg, beaten – 4 oz. (115 g) all-purpose flour – 2 oz. (56 g) corn starch – 1/8 teaspoon salt – 3 dashes cayenne pepper – oil, for deep drying – bottled tomato sauce or pasta sauce, for dipping – chopped parsley, for garnishing

Step 1

Cut the tubes of cleaned squid into 1/2-inch ring.

Step 2

Transfer the squid to a big bowl with a beaten egg. Stir to mix well.

Step 3

In another big bowl, combine the all purpose flour, cornstarch, salt and cayenne pepper. Stir to mix well. Working in small batches, drop some squid into the flour mixture. Coat well and transfer the squid out to a strainer. Repeat until all squid are nicely coated with the flour mixture. Gently shake the strainer with squid to remove excess flour.

Step 4

Heat up a skillet with 1-inch oil on high heat. When the oil is heated, deep fry the squid until they turn light brown in color. Remove the squid from oil and drain on paper towels.

Step 5

Garnish the squid with parsley, serve warm with tomato sauce.

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