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Scallion Oil Noodles


1 serving


15 minutes


Easy homemade Taiwanese scallion oil noodles with five ingredients. This is an authentic recipe that takes only 15 minutes to make and tastes just like restaurants.


– 3 tablespoons cooking oil – 2 stalks scallion, roots trimmed and cut into strips – 8 oz. (226 g) fresh noodles – 1 tablespoon oyster sauce – 1 teaspoon soy sauce

Step 1

Heat up a wok with the cooking oil until it begins to smoke. Add the scallion strips and stir continuously with the spatula until the scallions are aromatic and becomes moderately burned.

Step 2

 Heat up a pot of water until it boils. Cook the fresh noodles al dente. The noodles should be cooked through but still somewhat firm and springy. Drain the noodles and transfer into a bowl.

Step 3

Add the scallion oil, oyster sauce and soy sauce into the noodles. Using a pair of chopsticks, toss the noodles to blend well with the scallion oil and seasoning sauces. Serve immediately.

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