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Kaya Toast Recipe

Kaya toast is made of kaya, bread, and butter. Learn how to make kaya toast with step-by-step picture guide. Best kaya toast ever!

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Malaysian
Keyword Kaya Toast
Servings 1 people


  • bread
  • kaya, click the link for the recipe
  • butter


  1. Toast your bread and cut out the crust. You can keep the crust if you like. Cut the bread into two pieces and spread a nice layer of kaya jam on top of the bread.

  2. Cut a thin piece of cold butter and put on top of the toast. Make sure the butter is cold so it's easier to cut.

  3. The other half of the bread ready to go on top.

Kaya Toast.

  1. The warmth of the freshly toasted kaya toast melts the butter and both kaya and butter mix together and come oozing out. This is how the perfect kaya toast should be. Bon appetit.