Penang Firefly Tour

Penang Firefly Tour is our newest Penang Private Tour program that takes you on an excursion to a serene riverbank with mangrove trees—the natural habitat of firefly. Watch ten of thousands of fireflies flickering and dancing in front of your eyes, lighting up the mangrove trees like Christmas trees while you cruise along the river enjoying the peaceful and serene nature.

The fireflies or “berembang” (sonneratia caseolaris) emit light at the lower abdomen area to attract mates and to scare away predators. You’ll be amazed—and mesmerized—by the synchronized flashes of light gently hovering over the mangrove trees. 

You can join the Penang Firefly Tour as a stand-alone tour package (5-hour tour from 5 pm to 10 pm) or as an add-on to our award-winning Penang Private Tour program (Penang Private Tour plus Firefly Tour), which is a 12-hour tour from 10 am to 10 pm and covers all the places of interests, famous Penang Nyonya and street food (hawker food) experience, Georgetown UNESCO Heritage site, temples, nature, and more. For more information, please email us at now. Rates depend on the number of people in your group.

See you in Penang!