Recipes & Cooking : Oysters

Fried Oysters with Panko (Kaki Furai/Kaki Fry)

Everyone loves panko, or Japanese bread crumb that gives fried foods an airy, light, and super crispy coating, for example:…

Oyster Recipe: Baked Oysters

I love shellfish so it goes without saying that I love oysters. Oysters are plentiful and affordable in the United…

Grilled Oysters

Big, fat, succulent grilled oysters. Grilled with chopped garlic and chili powder, they are very yummy…(more picture after the jump)


Eating Sydney: Steamed Oysters and $48/kg Pippies!

Seafood is exceedingly expensive in Sydney–think $150/kg lobster sashimi (average 5-7 kg per lobster, so do your math), $88/kg mud…

Oysters with Bean Sauce (Taucheo)

Plump, juicy, succulent, perfectly cooked, soft, smooth, and absolutely DELICIOUS. Prepared with the simplest of ingredients–fermented bean paste (taucheo), ginger,…

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