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Bee Yinn Low
Bee Yinn Low in the kitchen. Photography by Jennifer Chong.

Hello, my name is Bee. Founded in 2006, Rasa Malaysia is a recipes website with over 800 easy recipes, from Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, to Thai, Vietnamese, Indian recipes, and more. The site also offers many baking recipes, dessert recipes, and American recipes catered specifically to my American readers and audience. All recipes on Rasa Malaysia are easy, delicious, tried, tested, and work. Many readers cook from my recipes on a daily basis and have wonderful and delicious results. Currently, Rasa Malaysia has a social media following of over 2 million fans across all channels.

I am also a cookbook author, professional recipe developer, and content publisher. I am currently based in Irvine, California, USA. Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, I was exposed to all sorts of cooking styles since I was little. My first cookbook “Easy Chinese Recipes” is currently one of the best selling Chinese cookbook on Amazon, and constantly ranked number 1 in its category. As a recipe developer, I work brands such as Mizkan America, Red Boat Fish SauceWorldFoods, Betty Crocker, and more. Rasa Malaysia is the biggest Asian recipes and cooking blog on the Internet.

Bee Yinn Low

I work with many brands on product endorsement, recipe development, advertising, sponsorship, giveaways, product reviews or cooking demo. To work with me, please fill in the contact form or email me directly at (Media Kit is available upon request.) To join my growing fan base and community, please check out Rasa Malaysia’s Facebook Fan Pages here, follow all my boards on Pinterest, join me on Twitter, Google+, or Instagram at @rasamalaysia.

Bee Yinn Low

Rasa Malaysia has been featured by major press and food publications, including Saveur magazine, Bon Appetit, Monocle Magazine, Lonely Planet, The New York Times, Theme Magazine, Serious Eats, Huffington Post, Mashable, BuzzFeed, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and so much more!



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Bee Yinn Low


  1. Brand spokesperson/ambassador
  2. Professional recipes development
  3. Attending consumer products launch events (product previews and reviews)
  4. Food styling and photography
  5. Malaysian or Pan-Asian restaurant concept development and menu planning
  6. In-person cooking demos and appearances
  7. Leisure and culinary consultancy, offering customized tour packages to affluent clients who seek the ultimate luxury in travel, food, culture, and entertainment.


“Rasa” is a Malay word. Derived from Sanskrit, it means “taste.” Rasa Malaysia is a culinary journey through Asia’s rich, complex, and intoxicating gastronomic delights—taste of all the flavors of Asia. Launched in July 2006, Rasa Malaysia has since expanded to cover all Asian recipes and beyond Malaysian cooking. You can find many regional Asian recipes on Rasa Malaysia, for example: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Filipino, and more. There are also baking and non-Asian recipes on the site. Here is the complete Recipe Index.


Rasa Malaysia by Bee Yinn Low is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Please DO NOT STEAL any content, recipes, and/or pictures without any prior consent. Rasa Malaysia is protected by CopyScape. DO NOT COPY.

Attribution: You must attribute the work in the manner specified by me (author/licensor), but not in any way suggests that I endorse you or your use of my work.

Non-Commercial: You’re prohibited from using my work (photographs, text, and recipes) for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works: You may not alter, transform, or build upon my work.

  • For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of my work. The best way to do this is with a link back to this web page.
  • Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from me (the copyright holder).


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  1. Mary

    Hi there,

    Your Chinese food section drove me mad with hunger… you have like all my favourite foods that I’ve been craving up! Thanks for all these yummy pictures and descriptions.

  2. Sean

    I like your web site and the delicious Malaysian Food. Not only you can cook, I think you can write, too. I like to travel islands and taking pictures. Your web site inpsires me that I want to do something like that. Keep the good work!

    -Sean Chua
    A fellow Malaysian in South Orange county

  3. Anonymous

    Haha… 90% original recipes… give me a break. Almost all are traditionally passed down. Don’t tell that you added 2tsp more salt and MSG and you called it your original recipe. Your blog is good and I like the photographs too. I visited Penang recently and enjoyed the Nonya cuisine so much.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi There
    Love the pictures and I do miss Penang Food. Have lived in the UK since 1971.

    My wife cannot cook Malaysian as she is Irish. So I propose to get rid of her and marry you!!!

    You can make me happy and FAT!!!

    Only joking. Keep up the good work. Fingers crossed, I hope to be back in Penang this summer with the family and show then what real food looks and taste like!!!



  5. joyce

    hi there……im been living in northern ireland for 2 yrs now…..i love to n use to cook for my family back in malaysia….after here for some time i been desperately wanted malaysian food so much….is quite hard for me to travel to asia supermarket as it have quite far aways….but lukily i found ur page n love it so much…u r so great….i wish i can easily get the ingredient in the supermarket rather have to travel so far to get it…….

  6. luv0food

    All your pictures look so delicious I want to eat them all:-) you’re such a great cook and a great photographer to boot, so inspiring! Thanks!

  7. jwalker

    Good lord, who are you?? This blog is half how I cook now and half how I want to cook, but do I have room in my fridge for even more little jars of condiments and sauces? And I so need to travel to places other than Europe where I can graze for days at street food stalls.
    “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Before I stumbled onto your blog tonight I made ginger and scallion chicken with XO sauce poured onto steamed mustard greens and an apple/celery root/watercress salad with a lemongrass dressing.

  8. apple

    Yippee! I have stumbled upon a gold mine. Thanks for putting in the effort to create this site, I have been salivating and groaning with yearning to taste some of your dishes. My boyfriend in the other room must wondering what the heck I’m “oohing” and “aahing” about. Looking at your pics, I can just smell the sambal belachan. Keep up the explicit photography and blogs. May the new year be full of delicious days for you!

  9. zeti

    Hi, i’m a creator of an application on Facebook (Makan-Makan).

    i’ve linked your website to our discussion forum on Facebook.
    many were asking for recipes from our application which i don’t have.
    your website looks like an ideal one-stop Malaysian recipe temple. =)

    happy makan!

  10. jodie

    Hi, thank you so much for your website. I haven’t tried any of your recipes since I’ve just discovered it tonight but I’m sure I will try many of them, especially the seafood dishes. I’m a seafood fanatic as well. I’m a Singaporean living in Germany and unfortunately there isn’t much variety in the kind of seafood they have here but I’ll still give it a go nonetheless. Thanks again for this wonderful site :) Greetings from Germany.

    • jodie – thank you. I can relate to your experience. Come back often and hopefully, you can find some ingredients in my recipe and start enjoying some food from home.

  11. aryne

    hi Rasa Malaysia, can I know if you are located in Sydney? If yes, do you mind telling me where can I get to buy the bunga kantan for the Asam Laksa here in Sydney? :p

  12. Su

    I enjoy your site and have attempted quite a few recipes. So darn easy to follow and I get all the ingredients that’s called for as I live right here in Whittier. Thank you for letting me drool each time I visit RM. Love the photographs too, of course. Keep on posting. Going to attempt curry puff with puff pastry and then off to pineapple tarts.

  13. calyx

    Hi Rasa Malaysia,

    I just discovered your site last night after a failed attempt at creating an authentic / non-westernized recipe for Kung Pao Chicken that I found at another very popular recipe site. I found you on Google by searching for a kung pao recipe. I haven’t tried your recipe yet, but by looking at the ingredients on the list, it looks like the real deal. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource for Asian cooking. I have just started my journey in home cooking and found a new passion. Thanks again for this wonderful site. I can’t wait to try your other recipes.

  14. Yu Hing

    Hi Rasa Malaysia,

    Thanks for sharing so much of information about Chinese and South East Asian Food. It has helped me to learn so much about the food and more interestingly the story behind each dish.


    Yu Hing

  15. Lovely blog! I stumbled here via use real butter. What a treasure trove of recipes, I want to try ’em all…..
    Well, OK, as much as I can…..=)
    Keep up the great work !
    -from a new foodie and blogger-wannabe

  16. p

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know about a typo:

    “Asian recipes development and enchancement”

    I think it should say “enhancement”.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. clare

    Wow Rasa Malaysia, what can I say? Someone from above said that he/she stumbled upon a gold mine, I can’t agree more, and not only a gold mine, I think this is also a notably great contribution from an individual to the preserving of Penang/ Chinese/ Nonya/ Southeast Asian cultures in culinary. Just by looking at the posts and pictures I can easily connect to what you said, and it also brought me down the memory lane to all the goodies I love so much growing up in Penang. I admire your ability and efforts in living and sharing your passions here, VERY GOOD JOB!!

    I actually found RM while searching for recipe to cook Perut Ikan, and thanks so much you have it here, the ingredients are not easy to find but I definitely will try it out. Another dish I am hoping to to do is what we call “lumpa hu” (Rempah Fish), where the fish is fried with the body pocketed with stuffed rempah/sambal, not sure you remember this? I just have a craving for it! If you know how to make them, hope you can share with me too :) You know, all of a sudden, many simple dishes come to my mind now, even as simple as tau yew bak, gees… Penang food is really electrifying even by a thought!

    • Clare – thanks for your sweet comment. Yes, the homey dishes you mentioned are all good. Yes, rempah fish is very good but I can’t “ngeh buay” (the fish) in the US, it’s only good with that type of fish. :(

  18. Hi,

    Just stumbled on your site from FoodGawker…feels like home :). Thanks for sharing, I’ll know where to turn when I’m stuck for a recipe….

  19. Laine

    Hi Rasa Malaysia,

    I think I speak for everyone who are away from Malaysia and are constantly on the lookout for great and AUTHENTIC malaysian fare. Your blog is wonderful and has obviously taken a lot of time and your love of food. Any idea if there are even “reasonable” Msian food in Denver?

  20. Wei

    Hi, just discovered your blog, good job on these Chinese recipes, however, I wouldn’t say these are your original creations, right? Most of them are very much every Chinese’s home-cooking recipes, pass by grandmothers or mothers. I’m doing something similar, but more focus on Chinese, because I have so many friends and families ask recipes of my Chinese dish. I will let you know when the site is up, hope will hear your comment and suggestion.

  21. Kate

    Hi Bee, I have been reading and following Rasa Malaysia’s recipes for a while and have tried out many recipes on the site. I will say that your recipes are fantastic, spot-on, delicious, and very easy to follow. All recipes that I have tried are better than my many Asian cookbooks, which don’t work as well or worst still, simply fail. I can’t wait for your cookbook…

  22. Jessie Teng

    Hi there GURU, I am totally impressed, your site is everything I dream of ever creating, the structure, the content, the recipes, the diversity in the cuisine shared (co-incidentally areas that interest & influence myself very much as well).

    Will really appreciate if you could give some pointers! Now I am totally a big fan, keep it up.


  23. Sally Beh

    I have never been into cooking back in Malaysia because it is easier to eat outside. Now that I am living in France, I really miss all the Asian food. This site really helps me to cook and taste all my favourite dishes. Bravo!

  24. Allen Chia

    Hi Ms Low,
    Your char kuah Teow looks good ! but i noticed you didnt add black soya source unlike the normal cooking style….why is it so..

  25. I am just now stumbling on your blog, OMG, your amazing! Your the only food blogger I have noticed so far using good seo. I am trying hard to learn about it, I am confused about text linking, is that both for external and internal? do follow only? are there any good seo sites you can recommend? this is a great resource for recipes, ill definitely be back!

  26. Jessie Teng

    Recently tried your Taiwanese-style Clams recipe and it tasted great!
    Will really appreciate for your sharing. Keep it up.

  27. sar

    Thank you for the recommendation for the Lingham’s Hot Sauce. I did try to find it at a local Irvine Ca 99 Market on Culver but they did not carry it. Can you recommend a specific store where one can purchase it?

    Thanks. Can’t wait to try it.

  28. keekerngcheng

    Hi Ms Low Bee Yinn

    Was Introduced to your website by my daughter’s friend who are both working in the UK. Have been following your updates on facebook. You have great recipes that I can relate to as I too grew up with my late mother and late grandmother who were both great nynonya cooks.

    Thank you.

  29. Concern

    I salute you for this wonderful website. I am sure recipes featured here are authentic Nyoya cuisines.

    I am a little concern though that a lot of Malay foods which I knew and enjoyed growing up for a few years now have been labelled as Nyoya foods(at least to my knowledge and understanding). There are a lot of confusion now.

    We want to celebrate both cuisines. I spent a lot of my childhood in Joo Chiat area, Singapore, one of the hubs of authentic Nyoyas and Babas.

    Foods I know growing up as Malay, esp. Malay Kuih are now termed Nyoya. What then is the difference between Nyoya and Malay foods? This comment stems from genuine concern in order to preserve the wonders of both cuisines and WITHOUT PREJUDICE!

    Experts from the culinary world need to make an effort in clearly identifying and distinguishing what is authentic Malay and Nyoya so we all can celebrate the joys of both cuisines.

    I now live in the West and there is now more a need to explain to friends and families the origins of my cooking.

    Once again I salute you for your efforts and I am sure this website at least makes an effort in featuring authentic Nyoya cuisines.

    Thank you for taking time and effort in sharing your recipes.

    • Many Nyonya dishes has their roots in Malay dishes, and their version is slightly different. Plus Penang nyonya food is very different compared to Melaka or Singaporean version because of the influence from Thai cuisine. I am not an expert in distinguishing between Malay food vs. Nyonya food but the dishes I grew up eating, I reckon they are Nyonya food even though they are the Nyonya adaptation of Malay recipes. Malay recipes are absolutely delicious and I want nothing but to promote both cuisines, too.

  30. Jennifer


    Love all your recipe and the way you present them. Its great to find a site where you can actually look at the food before trying to make it. Can you please do a lobster ginger and scallion, lobster and salt and pepper, and puff creams. Looking forward on trying more recipes from you.

  31. smallboy

    Hi, I’m from the UK and found your website recently. It’s fantastic! I’m always on the lookout for recipes like these and yours are by far the best! You describe everything so simply. Fabulous photos and I love the tips you give.

  32. N. I. H.

    I will try your Penang Char Kuey Teow recipe. Thank you. I hate the pictures in your gallery though, they make me hungry…. :-)

  33. Alin

    asian food is amazing … i really miss it … just wanted to say thank you and maybe ask for a option to display quantities in metric units. again thank you

  34. danielle

    Had to learn how to cook Malaysian fare when we moved overseas. Back home, it’s so easy to just ‘ta-pau’ that one never really see the need to learn how to cook. For me, anyway ;p Chancing upon your website has given me so many possibilities now. And I’m so happy that your recipes are easy to follow and simple to do.

    Keep them coming!

  35. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your site when I was searching for ‘sponge cake’ tonite.. And I have never been for glad to have spotted your site.
    I love everything about it… the photography, the story lead up before the recipe.. You have made cooking/baking seemed simple enough, and somehow, carries that ‘attraction’ to make a person willing to try cooking/baking. And for those who has ever thought of cooking/baking as a difficult skill to to pick up, I will definitely introduce your site to them…
    Bravo! & Keep up the good work!!

  36. Alice

    I learn abt your website while watching CNA Singapore this morning. So I log into it and just love it will all kinds of recipes and those lovely photos to view at. I have add onto my Favourites section.

    Is there any free membership that I can join without charges at all.

    Am I allow to cut and paste a recipe and have it save into my note book. It is wholely solely for my own personal use at anytime should I want to try and cook this recipe. Please advise for I read in your statement do not COPY.

    Thank You for sharing with me your cooking recipes with photos of which I must say I enjoy them very much can wait to try them out.

    God Bless You.

    Sincerely Yours,