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Flan (Crème Caramel/Caramel Custard) Recipe

I will be honest with you…I didn’t make these flans. I wanted to, but paying $2.50 for both flans is…

Lobster and Mango Salad

Lobster and mango salad, a refreshing and delicious lobster salad recipe with mango. Lobster and mango salad is a great salad to start a multi-course meal.

Lobster Recipe: Baked Lobster with Cheese

Just think of this as an episode of Iron Chef…the chairman says “The secret ingredient is… LOBSTER. A la cuisine!”…


Capellini with Cockle Clams and Lemon Butter Sauce Recipe

Remember my Italian sweet basil plant that I told you weeks ago? Thanks to my nurturing hands, it’s blooming, growing,…

Seared Scallops in Spicy Cream Sauce with Buna Shimeji Mushrooms Recipe

Still searching for that perfect recipe to wow your special someone on New Year’s Eve? Find no more as I’ve…

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