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Thai Peanut Sauce

Thai peanut sauce for sate. Easy peanut sauce for Thai sate. Easy recipe that takes 15 minutes to make the Thai peanut sauce.

Kaya (Malaysian Coconut Egg Jam)

Kaya is a delicious Malaysian jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel. Rich and aromatic jam which is perfect for toast and a cup of coffee.

Mango Chutney

For the longest time, I don’t quite get the idea of chutney and I certainly have no idea how to…


Pickled Chilies

This is the first time I made pickled green chilies at home and was pleasantly surprised that it took only…

Strawberry Jam Recipe

I am not much a breakfast person, I mean, I love breakfast, but growing up in Malaysia, breakfast means nasi…

Sambal Belacan

Following my recent post on sambal asparagus, I thought I would show you how to make sambal belacan from scratch–a…

Pineapple Jam Recipe

Since my last post on pineapple tarts, I’ve received a few emails asking me about the pineapple jam or pineapple…

Satay Peanut Sauce Recipe

Many readers sent me emails requesting for Peanut Sauce recipe to go with my chicken satay, a recipe that I…

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