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Cheese Breadsticks

Cheese Breadsticks


Cheese Breadsticks Recipe

Adapted from Food 4 Tots

Make 9-10 breadsticks | Prep Time: 40 minutes | Cook/Bake Time: 20 minutes


Tang Zhong/Water Roux:

1 oz (25g) bread flour
5 oz (125g) water

Wet Ingredients:

2 oz (65g) water
1 large (60g) egg, lightly beaten
2 3/4 oz (75g) tang zhong/water roux

Dry Ingredients:

1 teaspoon (6g) salt
1 oz (30g) sugar
1.5 cups + 1 tablespoon (195g) bread flour
3/4 cup + 1 tablespoon (90g) all purpose flour
2 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (14g) baking milk powder
2 teaspoons (6g) yeast

Other Ingredients:

3 tablespoons room temperature unsalted butter, cubed
1 egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of milk for egg wash
1 cup Mozzarella cheese
1.5 tablespoons chopped parsley


Preparing the Tang Zhong/Water Roux

Tang Zhong

Add 1oz bread flour to 5oz water in a sauce pan. Stir to mix.

Tang Zhong

Turn the heat to low and keep stirring the mixture until it becomes paste-like. Use a candy/cooking thermometer to monitor the temperature. Remove from the heat once the mixture reaches 149°F or 65°Celsius.

Tang Zhong

Transfer the mixture into a glass or stainless steel bowl. Cover the surface with saran wrap/cling wrap. Let it sit to cool down to room temperature or refrigerate for later use.

Tang Zhong Dough

Attach the dough hook on your mixer. Transfer the Wet Ingredients to the bottom of the mixing bowl. Add in the salt and sugar first and then the other Dry Ingredients with the yeast added last.

Set the speed to low. When all the ingredients are well combined and the dough is not sticking to the side of the bowl, then turn the speed to medium speed until gluten forms. TDepending on mixer, mine took about 5-6 minutes.

Slowly sdd the butter to the dough in 3 batches and let it mix at slow speed until the dough looks not sticky. Be patient, this step may take a bit of time. When all the butter is kneaded into the dough, set the speed to medium and let it knead for 6-8 minutes until the window pane test (see picture).

Grease a bowl, round the dough and gently leave it in the bowl. Cover the bowl with saran wrap and let it rise for 40 minutes or until it double in size. Dust your finger with some flour, insert it into the center of the dough until you touch the bottom. If the dough in the hole doesn’t rise up, then it is ready for the next step.

Divide the dough into 9-10 smaller portions. Round the dough like a ball, cover with saran wrap and let them rest for 10 minutes.

Line the baking trays with parchment papers.

Next, use your hand to flatten the dough to release the air. Turn the dough bottom side up and roll it up. Seal the opening tightly from one end to the other. Roll it out into a log about 8-10 inches long. Place each log on to the baking tray about 2 inches apart. Cover the baking tray with saran wrap and let it proof for another 40 minutes or until it almost double the size.

Preheat the oven at 350°F. Prepare the egg wash.

Brush the dough with the egg wash and sprinkle with the cheese and chopped parsley. Bake them for 14-16 minutes. Transfer to cooling rack when is ready.

For freshness, store the Cheese Breadsticks in air tight container.

Cook’s Notes:

Yuo can use the oven to proof the dough. Remember to remove any cover. Place your dough inside the oven in the middle rack. Pour in some boiling water into another pan and place this underneath the baking tray with the dough. Turn the heat to 400°F for 1 minute, turn it off and do not open the door until the recommended proofing time.

You can use any type of cheese you prefer.

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  1. These look really great….actually all your food looks great!! Saw you on House Hunters International…that must have been so exciting for you and your husband.

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing all the recipes. Come check out my blog when you have a chance!

  2. Lily G

    Hi Bee, where do you get the baking milk powder? I cant find it at American groceries.
    What brand of milk powder did you use? Thank you so much, I LOVE your blog!!

    • Tuty

      Hi Lily,
      Baking milk powder is just the same as the regular milk powder. In the US, you can use the Nestle brand non-fat dry milk or even supermarket generic brand will do.

      Hope that helps.

  3. sher

    Hi.. need help.. what type of cheese or brand is good for babies.. my baby is one year two months now.. read online that u can replace salt to cheese to cook babies food.. but they fid not metion what type or brand to use. Hope u can suggest which type n brand to get here in malaysia.

    Tq.. hope to hear frm u soon..

  4. Chez

    Wonderful cheese bread recipe to try.
    Words from your recipe re gluten.
    “then turn the speed to medium speed until gluten forms. Depending on mixer, mine took about 5-6 minutes.

    Pls tell what to look for or test for Gluten formed ready
    Best regards

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