House Hunters International: Penang
August 05th, 2012 24 Comments

House Hunters International: Penang

In June, some of you thought that you saw me and my family on TV, in the very popular HGTV program House Hunters International. You’re right. We are in the Family Reunion in Penang, Malaysia episode.

The show premiered on June 27th. We didn’t tell anyone because it was the first time we watched the show on TV and I wanted to make sure that we didn’t look like complete dorks and hence we kept it to ourselves. However, 10 minutes into the show, we received emails, text messages, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. from friends, ex-colleagues, old neighbors, university roommates, fans and readers from all over the United States that they were watching us on TV! It’s amazing just how popular the show is.

The episode will rerun again on August 10, Friday (check your local listing for air time). Tune in to watch, or DVR it, and let me know what you think. If you can’t view it this time, more reruns will be scheduled.

We filmed the episode earlier this year, in April. We had so much fun working with the very talented crew in both Penang and Irvine. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, more importantly, I was so psyched that I was able to show the viewers a glimpse of Penang, my hometown, the place that I forever left my heart in. Other than house hunting, you get to follow me to the market, shopping for ingredients, eating and making Penang street food (I helped the street vendor making kuih dadar), and checking out some of the sights in Penang. Plus, there are a ton of cuteness-overload scenes of little G.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos in Penang.

Baby G and Mr Rasa Malaysia at the Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang. Baby G looks so cute on TV.

Indian street food stall selling pakora and other Indian snacks, Little India, Penang.

The talented crew of House Hunters International, filming my interview scene.

Enjoy and we have a date on Friday, on TV!


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  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Bee, congratulations. I missed it the last time will tune in or dvr. Can’t wait to watch your family on TV.

  2. Denise says:

    Hi Bee!

    I saw your show (on House Hunters)in June. I kept thinking I knew that face and when the mention Of Rasa Malaysia was mentioned I had put it all together:). We really enjoyed the show and your family too!

    Denise in PA

  3. Yen Yen says:

    that’s so cool.

  4. SheG says:

    Hi! Thats how I found your site. You had your computer on and I froze the fame to copy the name.I enjoy your recipes and photos.

  5. Ha, ha calling hubby Mr. Rasa Malaysia is quite the looker! What a handsome family. Nice shots, wish I could view, no TV! What’s that furry thing you’ve got in your hand in last photo? I LOVE Batu Ferringhi, that beach was right opposite where we stayed! I remember all the horses. This is where my family had our reunion a few years ago and the last one with my mom!

  6. sophia says:

    byinn, dun noe that u came back..r u still in penang ?

  7. Elsie says:

    Bee, you looked stunning in your Little India shot! Wish we have House Hunter International in Malaysia.

  8. How exciting! I was so busy traveling and never got a chance to catch you on TV. Hoping for a rerun :)


  9. Sheri says:

    Hello! I just watched your episode and am linking your site! I was wondering, at the end of the HHI episode, it had the designer walking through, and then some images of what your house would look like. Is the artwork shown in the images real? I was very, very interested in that artwork.

    Any information would be helpful!

    Sheri Gill – writer and foodie

  10. Sheri says:

    Wonderful! What is the designer’s name?

  11. Corrie says:

    ooooh….famous! :-)

  12. shaun says:

    Hi. just wanted to say. I too was born in Penang and as yet to return there oneday,funilly enough my wife is just next month going to fly there going on to the philippines with our wife is a filapina. its a small world of sorts. ;.]

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi! Bee,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for years and have your blog bookmarked. I have really enjoyed your recipes. Today Dec 31st, 2012, I had recorded a bunch of House Hunters International on DVR and as soon as they started the show about Penang, I had a feeling it was you. Then your husband mentioned your love for cooking, my hunch got stronger. Then they showed you cooking and I just knew even before you mentioned!! Congratulations!! You look great and you have a beautiful family. I really enjoyed watching your family’s house hunt adventure. Penang is so close to my heart as my grandparents lived there for years and my uncle was born there while my mom was born in Singapore. I got to catch a glimpse of a place where I really want to visit. Thank you so much for that. Wishing you and your family A Very Happy New Year 2013..

  14. Danielle McGaw says:

    I saw your episode today. That was great. I have to admit that I thought you were going to pick the older house, even though it had some work to do.

    Did you end up loving the house you picked?

  15. betty crawford says:

    I saw that show and thought it was you. Good job!

  16. Maggie says:

    Hey, Bee! ♥

    I was recently watching House Hunters International and I heard about you having a blog about cooking! I checked it out and I subscribed to it right away! I love the food you cook. They look so delicious! If it weren’t for that episode, I wouldn’t have ever found out about your blog and I would have never have been inspired by your cooking! Thanks Bee! ♥~♥~♥

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