Penang Char Hor Fun Recipe (炒河粉)
May 29th, 2007 67 Comments

Penang Char Hor Fun Recipe (炒河粉)

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Recipe: Penang Char Hor Fun (炒河粉)

Serves 3-4 people


1/2 pack hor fun or flat rice noodles (32 oz pack)
1/2 pack vermicelli (14 oz pack)
3 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon kecap manis


12 shrimp (peeled and deveined)
12 thin pieces of pork meat
12 bay scallops
12 thin pieces of fish cake
1/2 can chicken broth (14 oz can)
5 stalks chinese mustard green/choy sum (cut into 2-inch length)
1 1/4 cup water
3 cloves garlic (minced)


2 tablespoons corn flour
1/4 cup water


2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
1/8 teaspoon fish sauce
1/2 teaspoon sugar
2 dashes white pepper powder
Salt to taste


1) Soak the vermicelli in warm water for 15 minutes or until soft. Drain the water and set aside.
2) Break the flat rice noodles off by peeling the layers. Set aside.
3) Heat up a wok and add 1 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil. Toss in the vermicelli and do a quick stir. Add 1/2 tablespoon of soy souce and 1/2 tablespoon of kecap manis and continue to stir the vermicelli until the soy sauce and kecap manis are well blended with the vermicelli. Continue to stir until the vermicelli are lightly burned or charred. Dish up and set aside.
4) Repeat the same for the flat rice noodles. Dish up and set aside.
5) Add some oil in a wok and stir-fry the minced garlic until fragrant.
6) Add in the pork, shrimp, bay scallops, fish cake and do a quick stir.
7) Add the chicken broth and 1 1/4 cup of water immediately.
8) Add in all the seasoning and bring it to boil.
9) Add in the starch mixture to thicken the gravy.
10) Add in the mustard green, do a quick stir and turn off the heat.
11) On a plate, place the fried vermicelli and flat rice noodles equally.
12) Pour the gravy and toppings on the noodles and vermicelli. Serve hot.

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67 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Melting Wok says:

    I want a bowl of the sneaky(wak) “wat tan hor” now velvety egg gravy, yums :)

  2. bayi says:

    Wow…I was certainly fascinated by the romantic touch behind char hor fun. I have yet to try this Penang dish though wat tan hor is pretty readily available to us KL folks. But I must say that it looks more delicious than the usual wat tan hor! Even getting a good wat tan hor in KL these days is a rarity! I wonder if anyone knows where in KL I can get to try this Penang version of char hor fun.

  3. Oh for the love of food! says:

    HA!HA! Love your story, RM, My parents had a good share of Take Away ‘Wat tan Hor’ when my sisters and I were dating.
    I LLLLLLLOVE the look of your Penang Char Hor Fun and the Mai Fun too. Wish I could have some for supper!
    BTW, the Udang recipe you wanted is on my blog. Try it and tell me what you think ;o)

  4. Andreea says:

    i definitly have to drop by more often. great source of inspiration and so much about a cuisine i don’t know much about.

  5. says:

    I always make the mistake of reading your blog when I am hungy. Hmmm…maybe it’s reading your that MAKES me hungry! :-P

  6. tigerfish says:

    That’s a very authentic hor fun. Once again, a simple dish yet came out so glorious in the hands of Rasa Malaysia. :D
    I prefer my hor fun with preserved green chili.

    From a gal’s point of view, now I’m starting to think why I like hor fun and wat tan hor so much.

  7. Keropok Man says:

    Hor Fun is one of my favourite dishes!

    Since young, it’s one of the most tapow dishes in our home.

    The best ones have a hint of ‘charred’ kuey teow smell. Oooo… it smells so so good!

  8. C2 says:

    I was just thinking that it was a while since I had Hor fun and having the recipe wasn’t such a bad idea. Used to have it with Siew Yuk..yum! You must be a mind reader!!Great photos from China esp the people photos.

  9. lecram sinun says:

    Totally loving your blog… from a (long time cali resident) originally from Malaysia. A great resource too for a taste of home. Cheers!

  10. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Melting – Penang Char Hor Fun do not have eggs in the gravy, which makes it lighter. Next time you try okay? ;)

    Bayi – I used to live in KL and I didn’t have any decent Wat Tan Hor. The one near my college was plain bad. :P

    For the love of food – LOL. Your parents are lucky to have a lot of char hor fun! Thanks for the udang recipe.

    Andreea – thanks for your comment and welcome to RM. I am glad that you find Malaysian food a great inspiration.

    Tiga – I hear you. I love preserved green chile too but do not have them at home so have to make do with sambal belacan haha. I think it’s a Penang thing, char hor fun goes well with sambal belacan. ;)

    Keropok – I agree. Char Hor Fun is a good tapau. I guess the portion is always big so a few people can share it.

    C2 – lol, hungry minds think alike? Thanks for your kind words about my China pictures.

    Lecram Sinun – thanks for your comment. A fellow Malaysian, yes, do pop in more and leave me a comment or two. :)

  11. teckiee says:

    I’m eyeing on the chili!

  12. sc says:

    aawww, the char hor fun story is so sweet..never heard of it before :). your hor fun and mai fan looks great! i want a plate of that!

  13. WokandSpoon says:

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I’m glad you did bec. you’re my new foodie Goddess! hehe! The char hor fun looks incredible!

  14. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    hmmm i didnt know theres a difference..looks drier then the kl version..but pity i cant seem to see any hor fun at me drooling once again..

  15. SteamyKitchen says:

    Hhis looks like such a comforting dish! I love hor fun!

  16. aria says:

    you can bribe me with that any day of the week! looks so delicious and your pic are beautiful!

  17. wmw says:

    Thanks for the story, Works only in Penang? :o)

  18. Nate 2.0 says:

    Great, I’ll have to make this for Annie soon. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you stop the romance, right?

  19. Ming_the_Merciless says:

    My mom usually make this but with fried egg (wanton) noodles. They are so delicious, especially when the noodles have soaked up the delicious gravy.

    I love your photos. I also voted you for the Best Cooking Blog.

  20. babe_kl says:

    so the Penang version doesn’t have eggs? i love the egg swirls in KL’s wat tarn hor though. btw in parents’ age, should they get daughters, their friends will tease if they have any chow fun (fried noodles) to eat or not haha…

  21. UnkaLeong says:

    Is that Sambal Belacan I spy? Hahaha…Looks like you are getting the hang of the camera ;)

  22. Tummythoz says:

    A suggestion. Should put such facts/stories in when you publish your recipebook. It’ll b so interesting & nostalgic.
    Everybody else, I can vouch for the truth in this story. I’m a product from such courtship!

  23. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Teckiee – chili is what makes this char hor fun from good to great!

    SC – yeah as said, this myth is probably for Penang only.

    Wokandspoon – haha, I found your blog through one of the sites, and one click to another…thanks so much for your comment.

    Joe – Penang Char Hor Fun is usually not that wet, I mean, with just the right amount of gravy. :)

    Steamy – yeah, you are Cantonese right, gotta love Hor Fun!

    Aria – LOL! Good to know that you are bribe-able. ;)

    WMW – you can try, maybe it works in SS2 too. LOL!

    Nate 2.0 – right on. Annie will be happy.

    Ming – yeah, dried egg noodles work too. Thanks for voting for me, I voted for you too.

    Babe – Penang’s version usually don’t have eggs. I do not mind the egg swirls but some KL ones are too loaded with eggs though.

    Unka – yes, I like my char hor fun with sambal belacan. Like the pickled green chiles too but do not have them at home. :P

    Tummy – thanks for your suggestion. Char Hor Fun really works the romance wonders!

  24. Claude-Olivier says:


    How are you ? Fine I hope, but then I see your blog, it seems that you’re ok ;-) Another great dish, perfectyl presented ! One more technical question: Do you use day light or artificial light ? The contrast and the white balance are really good and I know that it is not always easy to have such a good illumination.

    Have a very nice day !!!

  25. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    That dish look extremely appetizing! It contains everything I love…
    As usual, your pictures are stunning!

  26. Hengster says:

    whoever your hubby/ bf is…he is going to end up fat hanging out with you. Everything so yummy! And you cook marvelous food!

  27. BuddingCook says:

    yums looks good! must try.

  28. Oppss says:

    haha…when i was young, i’ve heard my dad making jokes between the char hor fun and the son-in-law. i thought he was just making up the stories, didnt know it’s real until i read ur article… lol.

  29. eatdrinknbmerry says:

    One of my favorite Thai dishes is definitely Rad Nar (laht nah). Food looks great.

  30. Tsu Lin says:

    I decided to try out your recipe last night and must commend you – It’s simply LOVELY!

    In KL, I can never really tell the diff between “Wak Tan Hor” or “CHar Hor Fun” but we also call it “Hokkien Noodles”. Either way, I love them both! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

  31. Ginger says:

    Hi! This dish looks delish! What is
    kecap manis and can I find it at my Asian market (in Michigan)? If not, is there something I could substitute?

  32. Amy says:

    Yum! That’s a delicious looking dish. Definitely saving this one and making it soon. :)

  33. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Claude – Hehe, all natural light, no artificial light.

    Rosa – yes, this dish is appetizing. :)

    Hengster – thank you thank you. :)

    Budding Cook – you can just do plain flat rice noodles…it’s easier that way.

    Oppss – it’s real!

    Eatdrinknbmerry – yes, rad nar is good, but a little too sweet for my taste. Rad Nar uses fermented yellow beans in the sauce.

    Tsu Lin – wow, you tried the recipe? That’s great. I am glad you liked it.

    Ginger – yes, you should be able to find kecap manis in Asian store, it means sweet soy sauce and the brand is ABC. If you can’t find it, then just use Chinese dark soy sauce.

    Amy – cool, I look forward to see your creation. :)

  34. audreycooks says:

    wow! RS this looks like the real deal, yummy!

  35. Chubbypanda says:

    Did your hubby bring your parents char hor fun too? =)

  36. Elena says:

    I am definitely going to try this recipe soon. If you miss the pickled green chilli, you can try the pickled jalepeno. I think they are almost the same.

  37. Pei_Lu says:

    Hey Love ur blog~!!

    tried the CHF recipe

    OMG so nice hhaha

    first time cooking CHF

    love ur recipes =D

    **eating the CHF now ^^

  38. Anonymous says:

    Penang char hor fun is now my family’s favourite thanks to your penang char hor fun recipe.

  39. Anonymous says:

    we grew up in KL but i think dad never got over his penang heritage as he kept harping on about it everything being better from Penang. Including char hor fun. It was almost a sacred ritual as we made our annual pilgrimage up north and paid our respects to ‘tua pui koey teow’ as in fatty’s koey teow in hokkien. I think it was a famous stall in pulau tikus area that sold this. It was fabulous and had less sauce but was so tasty. Do you know it?

  40. Yaro says:

    I’ve tried this recipe recently. It turned good, but I have a slight problem. When I frying noodles, by the time they become “lightly burned or charred” they also stick to each other. So basically I had one (or two) lump of each type of noodles. Is there anything I might be doing wrong? Thank you for your help!

  41. Sue Leen says:

    The photo shots are inspiring.

    For this dish, is this equivalent to Thai Lad Na?..may be Penang borrowed it since is very close to the border of Thailand..just wondering, as a matter of transnational aspect of food history

  42. Nic says:

    Char Hor Fun is also known as R-go R-go char, tiuk boh? BTW, do i fry/charred hor fun together with bee hoon or separately? Thanks :-S

  43. Nic says:

    Yikes i mean r-go go char :-P

  44. ray says:

    Do you know how to make the hot sauce, the kind that we usually served with Char Hor Fun?

  45. Mei says:

    I just made it! great recipe! Thanks!!! and I also made the sambal belacan to go with it using your recipe too!! thanks heaps!!! It just satisfied my sudden craving for Penang food! I had to use lime instead of the kalamansi lime coz I couldnt find it in Australia too but it still tasted great! =)

  46. Jo says:

    I love your site, its so informative and explains so much – many thanks for that.

    I am having the same problem as Yaro. The kuay teow all clumped together, I used the fresh kuay teow here (Aus)…. what is the remedy for this?
    Thanks !

  47. KT says:

    Your Penang Char Hor Fun brings back many fond memories of my childhood in Penang. Wasn’t it called “tua pan koay teow” – I think translated to mean “wide type” of koay teow to the Penangites. The KL version of Wah Tan Hor (with smaller width of the noodle) somehow does not taste the same – don’t know if it is due to the noodle of some other secret ingredient. I yearn for the Penang version but have not managed to recreate it – I use mainly chicken (white meat) and not pork and I also did not use fish sauce.

    By the way, what is “Bay scallops”? I did not remember if in the koay teow back home.

    And yes, “ta-pau” char hor fun for the prospective in-law seems to be a ritual. I did it too when dating my gf (now wife) so many years back.

  48. clement ^^ says:

    ZOMG…i just made this and it looks…AWESOME. Nuf said.

  49. Angela says:

    I am originally from Penang but now living in the US. Thank you so much for this recipe. I just tried the recipe and it turned ou very well. Almost like Penang hawker style :-)

    Thanks again!

  50. Pingback:Peranakan Weekend « Rambling

  51. Sheyna says:


    Thanks for the recipe. I am looking forward to trying it. Out of curiosity however, how come you use kecap manis and fish sauce? Both don’t seem like ingredients that Penang hawker users would use…



  52. Teong ONG says:

    I find it unusual to serve Sar Hor Fun with sambal belacan in Penang. It is traditionally Cantonese and served with green pickled chillies and soya sauce.

    • You are right Char ho fun is served with pickled green chilies but as a personal preference I would also ask for Sambal belacan from the vendor for an extra kick!

  53. Nandu Nayar says:

    That dish was one of my favorites growing up in Kedah/Penang. Now that I am in USA for the last 30 years, I miss it very much, which is why I visit Nyonya (Little Italy in NYC) restaurant. In any case, I have a question for you…. How come there is no egg in the sauce recipe? I was under the impression that eggs were used in the sauce. Please clarify.

  54. Davidoon says:

    Oh yes, a dish I miss most from my early years in Penang and Sungai Petani. Haha and you are so right about the myth, that’s what I cooked although with crispy noodle instead of flat noodle, to win my ex-girl friend’s (now my dear wife) heart when we were 18. So long ago… Now want to share this with my 3 boys…

  55. genevieve says:

    You forgot the eggs. There are always eggs in Penang hawker stalls’ hor fun.

  56. Elizabeth says:

    please can you post up a picture or email me the picture of the chicken broth you use?? thanks

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