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Gulai Tumis (Tamarind Fish Curry)

Gulai tumis
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Reading through this post and looking at the pictures of this mouthwatering gulai tumis or tamarind fish curry was especially torturing and painful as I haven’t had this for a while. First of all, fresh fish, especially stingray is hard to come by, even here is California . (The closest fish I could get here is skate wings but it was foul-smell the last time I bought it). Secondly, I can never find bunga kantan or ginger flower here, another key ingredient in this recipe. I can only drool over this scrumptious dish as my contributor Siew Loon shares her precious family recipe of gulai tumis with us. Enjoy!

Contributor: Ho Siew Loon

I always remember that when we were in our teenage years my mum used to cooked gulai tumis, or spicy tamarind fish curry, my siblings and I would just feast on it using our hands. We would pour the sourish hot curry/gravy onto our rice and everything would be gone in minutes. Until today, this particular dish is still a hit among my family members and it brings back sweet memories. It is an honour to be able to share this family recipe with all my Nyonya Food friends…(get gulai tumis recipe after the jump)

Gulai Tumis is a hot and sour curry which is traditionally famous among the Nyonya and Hainanese households in Malaysia. I realise that the difference is that the Hainanese Gulai Tumis is more concentrated. This is a specialty where tamarind juice is used in the gravy to give the sour taste and further enhanced by sliced ginger flower or bunga kantan. The curry is so appetizing and addictive especially the gravy and it simply keeps you coming back for more.

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