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  1. Rasa my husband uses your recipes all the time……we really like it……he is Maurice Souresh Pursand

  2. hi, isn’t bolo bao, the custard bun supposed to have egg custard inside that oozes out when you bite into it?
    can share how to make that? yum yum :P

    • I use instant yeast. Pertaining to your second question, you will need to proof until it double in size or 45 mins whichever is earlier.

  3. sorry – You mentioned “Leave to proof for abt 45 min or to double in size. Glaze it with egg wash.” Do I glaze it immly when I leave the dough to proof or after the 45 min.thks

  4. Are these like the Japanese melon-pan? They seem similar – named after a fruit, don’t contain said fruit, and both have a crusty topping that splits when they’re baked.

  5. sorry, when do I have to add the 30g shortening for the Topping. Its not mentioned in the Method for Topping. Thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing this recipe. My hubby loves this bun but he doesn’t like it fresh he prefers those that is 1 day old. Yup, strange guy! Anyway,I may surprise him one day and try my hands in making these buns.

    Before I do so, just need to clarify a couple of those ingredients.

    What is “shortening”? Is there another name for it? I live in Australia and I wonder if it’s readily available in Western supermarkets or should I try my luck at Asian grocers.

    Is powdered sugar the same as icing sugar?

    Thank you.

    • The famous brad for shortening is CRISCO. Don’t know if it is available in Australia but I think they do sell it in the supermarket like Coles. Powdered sugar is icing sugar.

  7. I tried the recipe and I couldn’t get the pastry topping to turn out correctly. It ended up staying a pale white color after baking, and was all flat. Do you have any tips/troubleshooting?

  8. I have been wondering forever how these are made (I love the ones with red bean filling), thanks for the recipe! Any clue as to why they are called pineapple buns?

  9. My husband loves this type of bread recipe and we usually buy our dozen at our local bake shop, but here in Sacramento they have a coconut filling that he absolutely loves. Do you, by chance, have a coconut cream filling recipe that I could add to this bun?

  10. I replaced all purpose flour with bread flour, because I only have bread flour.
    I replaced shortening with butter, and used fine sugar instead of powder sugar.
    I quartered all ingredients to just make 5 buns (for experimental purpose, I don’t want to make that many buns in case they don’t turn out nice).

    And thank goodness, everything turned out GREAT !!

    But the top and bottom is a little too crusty for my liking (but my mum finds it ok), I prefer softer and less crusty bread.
    Is it due to my oven? Or dough is too dry? Or should I put a cup of water into the oven while baking?


  11. how do you store the leftovers? instead of using shortening, i used sunflower oil instead. hope it works. i am making them now. thanks.

  12. I love these and our favorite dim sum restaurant (mill creek, WA) just closed. they served these both with custard filling and coconut cream filling. do you have recipes for the fillings? and would you please share them? thank you. You have helped me create at home some of my favorite Asian recipes.

  13. This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing the recipe! Do you have a recipe for making the “Cock tail” bun too? It’s the version with the sweet coconut filling….

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