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Crab Noodles

Crab Noodles
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Noodles are commonly served at Chinese New Year dinner, after all, Chinese live on rice and noodles. If not steamed rice, there is always a noodle dish to go with all the fabulous dishes prepared for Chinese New Year. In Malaysia, whenever my family celebrates Chinese festivities, we would always make a big serving of noodle dish—either egg noodles or fried vermicelli—as one of the prayer offerings to our ancestors. Other noodle dishes which are popular at restaurants are lobster yee mein and chow mein.

For the upcoming Chinese/Lunar New Year, I thought I would share a new recipe—crab noodles made of cellophane noodles (also known as mung bean threads, bean threads, glass noodles, or 冬粉 /tanghoon) and crab meat, with bean sprouts, sliced onions, eggs, and chopped scallions. The great thing about this crab noodles recipe is that you can serve it for Chinese New Year or Vietnamese Tet. It’s always good to try out something new for a change. I love the taste and presentation, and it’s sure to impress your family and guests.

I got some frozen crab meat, which is very convenient but the downside is that the crab meat lacks the natural sweet taste. If you have time, you should get fresh crab and pick the flesh yourself. If you have a great seafood market, by all means get lump crab meat. Trust me, it’s worth it to splurge on this recipe.

My crab noodles photos were shot with my new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. As you can see, I am experimenting different food photography styles (mostly because I am practicing for my cookbook). I am really loving the rustic aged wood background—which is the preferred background for many gorgeous food blogs. I even got myself some reclaimed wood boards with different colors and background, I am very excited as I will be using them for my cookbook food photography. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out my other Chinese New Year recipes: ginger and scallion fish, soy sauce chicken, pineapple tarts, and pineapple rolls.

Please stay tuned as I continue to share more Chinese New Year recipes!

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  1. DailyChef

    Yay for more Chinese New Year’s ideas! It’s coming up so fast, and I’m trying to think of other creative dishes to make. These look wonderful!

  2. kl_changs


    Very nice photo, Bee. Yes, the rustic wood coupled with the beautiful, ornate plate is fabulous.

    Been scratching my head for a CNY dish. Will shortlist this dish for sure :P

  3. D

    What a great idea! Everyone loves crab, especially chinese people! With the cellophane or mung bean noodles though, do you think this will keep (e.g. for an open house type party?)

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