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Flan (Crème Caramel)

Flan (Caramel Custard)
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I first tasted flans in the late 1990’s—I had just graduated from college and started working in the US. (I had never seen or tasted flans when I was in Malaysia.) My then co-worker invited me for dinner and his wife made flans for dessert. I remember vividly the first taste; it was a dessert so delicate, beautiful, and sublime—egg custard served in a bath of amber-hued caramel—it was smooth and melted in my mouth. It was the taste of heaven.

Since then, I have had many flans in a lot of interesting places—in Texas on my road trip down to Florida; in a traditional Mexican restaurant on a side street in Cabo San Lucas; at a food store in Calistoga; most recently, in Cannes where the flan was rather different in taste, shape, and form; and countless more. None of them beats the flans prepared by my ex co-worker’s wife.

I got the flan recipe and have kept it with me for years. I made these flans the other day, and they were a great success. Enjoy!

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  1. Andaliman

    I remember one of my friend posted another version of Flan which is the Filipino version, it’s called Leche Flan and I found the difference in milk. It’s more South-East Asian style, with sweetened condensed milk.

  2. kennymah

    It’d be the perfect dessert for a hot, sunny day (like the ones we’re getting right now in M’sia) … oooh, I wish I could just whisk into a shop here somewhere and carry away with me some of these smooth, chilled wonders… :)

  3. Farina

    Iv been meaning to make these myself for a long time. This sounds easy enough for a dessert-challenged like me. hehe. Will def try it out.

  4. daphne

    Your photo looks fantastic. My creme caramel photo has a reflection on it. I wonder why? =) still, it’s lovely to see this! hmmm..dessert….hmmmm

  5. Manggy

    Those look so nice and smooth! I’ve yet to make flans, but you should check out a Filipino recipe! It has only sweetened condensed milk! Yowzah!

  6. mumuchi

    I am a bit surprised to note that you claim you have never seen nor tasted creme caramels in Malaysia when it is so common that it is even sold in small cups during the Ramadhan Bazaars. See

    Even though the versions available nowadays may be far off that what the Brits would call as creme caramels, they are still delicious and the most sinful are usually made by our very own sweettoothed Kelantanese who does not stinge on the eggs. Cheers!

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    All – thanks again for your kind comments. :)

    Vkeong – the last time I had Bangkok Lane mee goreng was 1 year ago, it was still good. For Edgecumb Road, the last time I had it was in late 80’s unfortunately. I am sure a lot has changed since.

    Mumuchi – I grew up in Penang and Ramadhan Bazaars are not something common there. Yeah, I have never had flans before until I came to the US.

  8. Ling

    I have never officially eaten Flans yet, though I must admit, that looks very tasty.
    Might be going to Chicago in a month’s time. Anywhere I should look out for for good food?

  9. Kate / Kajal

    bee the first pic of the flan is absolutely gorgeous. Love the reflection of the window on it and the tones ….lovely.

  10. Syrie

    This is hands down my favourite dessert. Gorgeous photo!

    Have a fantastic time cruising and looking forward to hearing all about the binge!

  11. Dayana

    Fasting month is just around the corner and creme caramel is my favourite. They sell these at the ramadhan bazaar but not all are good. Thank you fro sharing the cremem caramel recipe. they look easy!

  12. Zaphia

    Hi Rasa!

    I used your fried rice recipe and loved it :-)

    My Creme caramel is cooking in the oven. Hope it turns out well. I have never made it before.

  13. Zaphia

    ^it turned out really well! I boiled the milk with powdered cinnamon, a clove and a whole green cardamom. I strained it before pouring it into the egg mixture. Thanks!

  14. sawhster

    I never knew flan could be so easy! I’ve made this 3 times now and my husband is addicted.

    This flan is a lighter rendition of my parent’s which I think involved condensed milk. But, I don’t miss the condensed milk at all!

    This is the second recipe I’ve tried of yours and I ain’t stopping.

    A tip for those using ramekins – I find that using a knife to skim the sides/circumference will entice the caramel to spread their goodness all over. I had a problem that some caramel would stick to the bottom of the ramekin because I refrigerated mine for later consumption – but the trick above solved that problem.

  15. The great thing about Orange County is that due to how close it is to the border, we have authentic flan at high end place such as Javiers.

  16. aayyeennaa

    we have like that back home (philippines) called “leche flan” more often they cooked it in steamer and some in oven. Even paired in in “halayang ubi” sweetened yam “yummy! :) thank you for sharing….. since here in malaysia tons of eggs and milk we often do the flan every month :)

  17. Mel

    Made this yesterday and it turned out great. As usual your recipe is simple to follow. Will definitely make it again! Thanks for such a good recipe.

  18. chris

    Great site ! Recipes are very tasty…
    Nevertheless I have eaten a lot of flans and the best one was a french one…
    By the way you also have to make the difference between a flan, a flan patissier, a creme caramel and a creme brulee (with accents : flan, flan pâtissier, crème caramel, crème brûlée).
    And as my friend said it : “never talk to me of custard powder nor custard powder taste, it’s awful…”


  19. magenie

    Hi! I’m surprised you have not seen/had caramel custards in Malaysia! I’m from Ipoh and as a kid my favourite part of eating out on a casual weekend was having one of these puddings after a yummny chicken rice meal. Many coffee shops and hawker centers have signs on the walls indicating “Caramel custard available”. It’s so good, I have learnt to make it at home in case the craving hits.

    Love your blog!

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