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August 28th, 2012 12 Comments

Lemongrass Beef Skewers

Lemongrass Beef Skewer

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It’s Labor Day weekend this week and I am sure many of you are throwing one last summer party before Fall arrives and the weather becomes colder. I have shared many summer recipes with you this year and I hope you have had a chance to try them out. I have two more recipes that will complete this summer. Let’s start with this lemongrass beef skewers that I absolutely love. Everything tastes better when they are threaded onto a stick and grilled over fire. I am a huge fan and I hope you like it, too.

This Vietnamese-inspired beef skewers are marinated with fish sauce, lemongrass, shallots, and garlic. When you have these ingredients in your meat marinade, you are pretty much going to have some deeply flavorful meat. The fire will do its magic to char the meat and seal in the juicy flavor, and the end result is sure to please.

Lemongrass Beef Skewers

As you know, grilled beef is dark, so I garnished these lemongrass beef skewers with some crushed peanuts and sautéed scallions (green onion), just like how most Vietnamese restaurants serve them. The beef skewer is tasty enough so you don’t actually need any dipping sauce. Try this lemongrass beef skewers recipe before summer ends, and I am sure you would want to have them again and again after this year.

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  1. Cate says:

    Too funny- I just made and posted grilled lemongrass beef a couple days ago! I love how flavorful the beef gets with just a simple marinade. Next time I’ll have to make the sauteed scallions for topping the skewers… I’m sure it makes them even better :)

  2. sheila tf says:

    Hi, Our local markets don’t carry lemongrass. However, they do have the lemongrass in the tubes. Any thoughts of using that instead? Thanks!

  3. Jules says:

    I like the combination of fish sauce and lemongrass. Can’t go wrong with them.

  4. tisse's mom says:

    Hey Bee,

    what is your favorite Banh Mi stop in little saigon????
    thanks and keep up the great job!!!

  5. Semoga Malaysia terus aman, makmur & sejahtera… Merdeka! =)

  6. Vietnamese Nem Nuong and Chicken Tikka:)

  7. Francesca says:

    Great recipe! Made it along with mu ping and Thai grilled chicken skewers from SheSimmers. We’re going to make them again tonight!

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