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Mango and Coconut Crème Caramel

It’s Friday and let’s serve up something sweet for the weekend. I am not particularly strong in the desserts department, so I have Jacqueline Pham of PhamFatale sharing her mango and coconut creme caramel recipe with us. Creme caramel with a tropical and Asian twist, what’s not to like? PhamFatale is food blog with many interesting and delicious recipes, thanks to the exotic background of Jackie—a French-Vietnamese born and raised in Paris, and currently resides in San Francisco, so do expect to find a variety of Asian, French, and Asian-inspired recipes on her blog. Please give your warm welcome.

I’ve been posting recipes every day on my site, for a year now. The dishes are a chronicle of what we eat in my home, and a reflection of the diversity of the members of my family. I was born and raised in Paris, France, but my family is originally from Vietnam. My husband is of Indian descent, but grew up in the US. He also happens to be a vegetarian.

One thing my husband and I can agree upon, culinarily speaking, is our love of desserts. Since I got married, I have introduced him to a myriad of decadent French desserts, such as crème brulée and madeleines. Over the holidays I had a craving for crème caramel, and prepared quite a few batches. I experimented with several different flavor combinations, but my absolute favorite was mango and coconut. The dessert not only embodies both my French upbringing and Vietnamese roots, but tastes great too.

The acidity and fruity notes of the mango balance out the sweetness of the caramel and the richness of the coconut cream and heavy cream. Mango goes incredibly well with the caramel sauce. I often try to cook depending on what’s available in season, but during the winter that can be a challenge. Canned mango pulp and coconut milk are great because they’re always available and consistently good. Plus, who couldn’t use a taste of the tropics when it’s freezing cold outside!

The recipe for my mango and coconut crème caramel can be found below. I’m both surprised and flattered that Bee asked me to post a recipe here on Rasa Malaysia; I hope you like it.

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  1. I’m from Singapore and love the idea of a creme caramel with mango AND coconut! Will have to try this some time, but I’m wondering if part of the directions are missing from the first paragraph of the Method section… There’s nothing said about spooning the caramel into the remekins.

  2. Brian Neal

    I just discovered your website. I love it; I’ve spent the last hour going through all your delicious ethnic recipes.

  3. shaikhmohammed

    hi, here i m bit confused as far as recipe is concern. will u pls explain me what is this mango and coconut extracts? how to get it? what is difference between extracts and pulp? thanks you very much

    • Mango pulp is blended fruit puree. I added mango extract (the essence of the fruit) to the custard to give the dessert a strong mango flavor without altering the texture of the custard. You can find coconut and mango extracts in specialty food stores. I buy mine at Mollie Stone’s 164 S. California Ave. -Palo Alto, CA 94306 (if you live in the Bay Area). You can also find both coconut and mango extract online.

  4. martillo

    Could you please clarify on the coconut creme?
    Do you mean the coconut milk used in curries or the creme of coconut that is sweetened and used in pina coladas?

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