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Nyonya Chicken Curry

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Nyonya loves their chicken curry, or kari ayam in Malay.

When it comes to making chicken curry, I always choose the easy way out—I buy instant chicken curry paste, which is both convenient and quite tasty. However, back home in Penang, my family would always make chicken curry from scratch. Well, first of all, you just can’t beat the authentic great taste of a red-hot chicken curry (click the picture above to check out the chicken curry gallery); secondly, no instant curry mix would rival the fresh and exotic aroma of homemade spice paste of turmeric, fennel, cumin, coriander seeds, and other aromatics. So, the answer is pretty clear. If you want the best chicken curry, be prepared to spend some time in your kitchen…

Chicken curry is made with bone-in chicken traditionally, and curry leaves are used to infuse the chicken curry with the intense fragrance of the curry leaves. My family love eating chicken curry with nasi kunyit (turmeric sticky rice) but I will have to share that recipe in the future. For now, do check out this mouthwatering chicken curry recipe prepared by my sister-in-law in Penang.

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  1. Lyn

    Hi, thanks for the recipe. I just tried it out. My curry has a slight bitter after taste. Was wondering whether this is normal?

  2. Ayberk

    Thank you for sharing this tasty looking recipe. I don’t have access to Asian style shallots but I can get French shallots. I think using 18 of those would be too much as they are bigger than their Asian counterparts. What would be the equivalent of 18 shallots in your recipe in grams?

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