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Pickled Green Chilies
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This is the first time I made pickled green chilies at home and was pleasantly surprised that it took only a jiffy and the chilies were ready practically overnight.

Pickled green chili is a popular condiment that accompanies many Southeast Asian street food and Asian noodle dishes. The tartness from the rice vinegar and the pickled green chilies are best served with char hor fun, rad na, fried vermicelli, dry wonton noodles, etc. In many Cantonese noodle joints and Thai restaurants here in the US, you will always find a small container of picked green chilies on the table, together with other sauces such as soy sauce, chili sauce, and pepper…

While you can buy pickled green chilies from Asian stores (there is a close cousin which is Made in Mexico), home-made pickled chilies just taste so much better and “fresher” knowing that they are not packaged months ago and have been sitting on the shelves forever!

Here is my simple pickled green chilies recipe. It’s really painless to make and they keep for a while in the refrigerator.

RECIPE HERE: Pickled Chilies
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  1. David says:

    HAHA No lie I have always wondered how to properly pickle these,thanks Bee!

  2. PL says:

    Great stuff!!!!!

    Distinctively, it sounds already yummy! However, i’ve a question regarding the Chinese Rice Vinegar…..

    Is that really a must? or any other vinegar is also suitable? In Europe, typically we get Grape or some other form of vinegar….which is routinely used to make “pickled” tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and all that.

    I’m wondering if it will be okay to use these “brands” of vinegar or will it be also fine to use some Japanese rice vinegar?



    • I think you can use Japanese rice vinegar and it should work fine but I am not familiar with other vinegar. Not a vinegar expert here. ;)

    • suengam says:

      I use cider vinegar as it has health benefit. Try using chilli of low water content,they turn out crunchy. Avoid using thick fleshy ones like some Mexican or Peruvian ones.

  3. DailyChef says:

    You know, I’ve never pickled my own chiles either! I’ve always bought them from a store like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing the recipe – I might have to try now!

  4. tigerfish says:

    The cross-section of the green chili looks a tad different from Asia’s green chili…how come? But I am definitely going to make this when I return to the US…soon. Another question: how do you discard the seeds and manage to keep the green chili in whole rings? ;p

    • I use jalapeno, which is fatter than our Asian green chilies, that’s why the cross section is different. I discard the seeds by rinsing in water after cutting. Hehe.

  5. I like to pickle my chiles if for no other reason than to preserve them as I’m always buying way more than I need. It’s a bonus that it happens to be a tasty condiment too!

  6. I love these pickled green chillies with Penang Tuapan, Nice!

  7. in says:

    I know this post is about pickled chillies…..but I LOVE pickled young papaya. Would the recipe be the same?

  8. rinaz says:

    Woah, suddenly I remember that I absolutely love eating this with a plate of fried noodles.

    Being in the land of pasta, its not usual for me to see anything like this anymore though.

  9. Simauma says:

    Hello!! My name is SIMAUMA. I look very delicious!I write blog about the food.Please look.And I am glad if I link to your blog.

  10. zenchef says:

    Mmm.. i love pickles. Pickled chilies or any kind of pickles. I pickled some ramps over the week-end using rice wine vinegar as well. Great condiment!

  11. What an easy and simple recipe. Will have to give this one a go

  12. What coincidence! I pickled some the other day from my homegrown chillies. <3

  13. suengam says:

    I use cider vinegar as it has health benefit. Try using chillis of low water content, they turn out crunchy. Avoid fleshy chillis like some Mexican and Peruvian ones

    • Thanks for your tips. In the US, the only green chilies available are Mexican ones. Yeah, they are fleshy and fat.

      • lightspeed says:

        This is not completely true. While the jalapeno peppers are the easiest to acquire in almost every American and Mexican grocery store, you can find Asian chillies. In some Asian markets, they do carry what they call “Japanese chillies” from time to time. These are thin-skinned, less hot and are more true to how the actual pickled green chillies taste in South East Asia.

        • Not in the Asian markets I go to. The only green chilies I could get are jalapeno or serrano, or Anaheim chilies, which are obviously too big for this recipe.

          I have never seen Japanese chilies around in the stores that I go to.

          • lightspeed says:

            I’ve seen the Asian market in the North Dallas area carry the Shishito or Japanese chilies. They sell out very quickly. They have good flavor and practically have no heat. Great for pickling. As mentioned, when pickled, they taste very similar to the pickled green chili found in South East Asia. The jalapeno’s taste is so different from the green chili species in South East Asia.

            • I don’t agree that using jalapeno to make pickled chilies make the taste so different, in fact, authentic Chinese restaurants / Thai restaurants here use them as well. It’s a matter of improvising and use available ingredients. To me, they taste fine, albeit the different shape. I have no complaint.

  14. shahrul says:

    great eaten with fried kuay-teow.

  15. mool says:

    May I know if the pickled chillies still crunchy or towards the soft side? Thanks.

  16. Tebonin says:

    This was my father’s favorite dish.We used to have it like snap. Though IKEA bottle for keeping them looks really nice.

  17. J2Kfm says:

    A MUST when it comes to CCF, Wantan Mee, and practically any type of noodle dishes.

  18. Alesia says:

    Ooo I used to make this a lot to go with my noodles dishes! And yes I didn’t know they serve this with CCF until I met my hubby. Apparently it’s his hometown delicacies – Teluk Intan (TA) CCF, served with just pickled green chillies and no sauce.

  19. PL says:

    Hi Bee,

    CCF especially in Kampar, Malaysia comes already with heh ko, plenty of sesame seeds and also pickled green chilies :)

    or also the “diluted” curry version :D, with “tau pok”, fried pig skin, etc…..

    yum yum…….i’m cringing at the lack of such simplefare in Germany!!!! :(

  20. andrew says:

    hi, can you please let me know how long will these pickled green chilies last for before i discard??

    thanks for sharing.

  21. andrew says:

    can you please let me know how long will these pickled chilies last before discard??

    thanks for sharing…cheers.

  22. Sandyfoody says:

    Tried the pickled chilies this weekend. They turned out very well. Thanks for this and for other recipes. Keep ‘em coming!

  23. yulia says:

    great eaten with fried rice (nasi goreng) and krupuk..hmmh yummy

  24. Irene Lim says:

    Hi hi, how do you de-seed the chillies without any long vertical cut such that you get “rings” when you cut into pieces? My boyfriend like to eat most of his meals with red-cut chilli padi, and it’s a pain to de-seed. It’s mostly vanity on my part, but I like present the cut pieces in nice round rings with soy sauce. If you have a tool or a efficient way of de-seeding without any vertical cuts on the chilli, please tell me!

  25. stinkerbelle says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say Thanks!!! i tried this recipe yesterday and ate the chillies today. It turned out awesome :). My whole family said i did a great job. LOL. It was all thanks to you :). Keep up with good work!!!.

  26. Amy says:

    Hi, this recipe is really handy but what is the concern with bird eye’s chillies i.e. cili padi… would like to know if i can pickle cili padi instead, especially the spicy red ones…

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  28. maya says:

    Hi! Can i also use this recipe/ method to pickle onions? :)

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  31. Kashia says:

    Will this method work leaving the chilies whole?

  32. lythea says:

    would it be ok to add in new green chilli each time? I grow chilli and it they don’t often come out at around the same time

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