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Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai)

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai)

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |
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1/2 lb boneless and skinless chicken thigh, ground
8 peeled and deveined medium shrimp, diced into small pieces
2 black fungus, soaked in hot water and cut into thin threads, or fresh shiitake mushrooms
1/2 tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger
1/2 tablespoon finely chopped scallion, white part only
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
3 dashes ground white pepper
1/2 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 tablespoon cornstarch
Pinch of salt
Wonton wrapper
Green peas and tobiko (fish roes), for garnishing

Using a mini food processor, ground the chicken but make sure that it’s corsely ground. You can also chop with a knife. Mix the chicken with all the ingredients together, set aside in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Place about a tablespoon of the filling on each wrapper, gather up the sides and leave the center open. You migh cut off the uneven edges with a pair of scissors if you like the shu mai to look prettier. Garnish the top with a green pea and some tobiko. Steam in a bamboo steamer for about 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai)

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!!

Originally published on August 4, 2007. Updated with new photos.

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |

My brunch this morning—chicken shu mai (sui mai), or steamed chicken dumplings.

I know many of you love shu mai or siu mai, those little morsels of ground meat wrapped with wonton skin, and served at dim sum restaurants in Chinatown. These dainty steamed dumplings comes in a small bamboo steamer and they are so good that every bite is always bursting with the freshness and juicy goodness of the filling.

Chicken Shu Mai (Siu Mai) is a popular dim sum item. Learn how to make chicken shu mai with this quick and amazing recipe that is better than Chinatown!! |

I love dim sum and you can often find me at dim sum restaurants on the weekends. Once in a while, I like to make my own dim sum and shu mai is one of my favorite items to make.

While shu mai (siu mai) is traditionally made with pork, I wanted to make a HALAL (pork-free) version so everyone can enjoy this amazing dumpling. The recipe is very easy, calls for ground chicken. All the ingredients can be easily found at regular stores and everyone can try this chicken shu mai recipe at home!

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67 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. David

    Should I feel bad that I’m a Muslim reader, but probably won’t try to make this?

    Does look super super yummy though.

    Wish I could find a Halal dim sum restaurant, but on the east coast that may be asking for way too much…

  2. Lydia

    I love dim sum but never eat shu mai because of the pork. There are many of us who are not Muslim but don’t eat pork, and it’s nice to find a recipe for something I think I would love, but have never tried. Thanks!

  3. Piggy

    Just like you, I start to shop in lifestyle stores more often than anywhere else whenever I’m overseas too… It’s hard to resist those cute-looking kitchenware, isn’t it? ;-)

  4. Anonymous

    Adding rice “wine” doesnt make it “Halal”.

    Just wanted to bring your attention to that

    great recipes keep it up please

  5. christine

    Who can resist dimsum? Perfect little bites of pleasure. My aunt was always the siomai maker in our family and I’ve never tried making my own. BTW, there’s nothing ugly about those pictures!

  6. SteamyKitchen

    I think they are beautiful!

    and i do adore those little plates….you know that if i was there with you, we’d go nuts and i’d probably would egg you on to buy even more!

  7. PrincessJournals

    1st of all, only 2 small plates? no baju? no guccis? no pradas? for real??

    2ndly, those looks so good. i love food tht comes in small/cute/a-bite size.

  8. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    still good..alot of malaysian restaurants make chicken siu mai since they try to make their food halal..

  9. UnkaLeong

    Leng Lui Jie Jie…Offer still stands yar? I buy bamboo you steamer, you make “Touch Heart” for me? Hahaha…great looking shots as usual. Still using the 50mm Prime?

  10. Oh for the love of food!

    Are you kidding me? They are so bewdeeful, RM! I eat pork but somehow have never liked the taste of pork in siu mai, this recipe is excellent. I have never tried my hand at Tim Sum, I really should give it a go soon. Homeware Shops are my BIGGEST weakness!, so I can understand how you feel. Love your pics too!

  11. teckiee

    Aikes… the word ugly didn’t come to mind until I read you note. The shape is nicer compared to some siu mai in the restaurants lo

  12. aria

    oh rasa! those steamed dumplings looks heavenly! it’s 5:30AM right now and I could eat them up no problem!

    your pictures are beautiful!

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    David – yeah, halal chicken does cost more.

    Lydia – I am not a big fan of pork either…I actually only eat minced pork. :P

    Sig – no, my shu mai is not professional at all…they look kinda ugly in my opinion. LOL.

    Lucia – I prefer Har Gau (shrimp dumplings) over shu mai anytime. ;)

    Piggy – exactly. I wanted to buy all the cute looking plates and serving wares.

    WMW – yeah, I saw your sui mai picture, they look much better than mine! ;)

    Anonymous – apologies, it was a mistake and I had deleted it. I didn’t use rice wine for this halal chicken shu mai, but accidentally wrote that in my recipe. I must be thinking of the non-halal version I guess. :P

    Danielle – yes, I love my plates, especially the color. I am sick of white, hehe.

    Anonymous – fantastic. You can now surprise your bf with home-made-breadfast-in-bed halal shu mai. :)

    Cynthia – hehe. :)

    Amy – yeah, the pea shrunk though, they were plump and round and after steaming, they shrunk and became wrinkly. Haha.

    Bea – thanks so much for your compliment about my pictures. :)

    Christine – you are too kind…I think my shu mai didn’t look restaurant-perfect, hehe.

    Steamy – yep…let’s go plate shopping the next time…so much fun. :)

    Anonymous – yep, I love the stuff at Habitat. Quite nice.

    Princess – no baju…cry cry, only got two small plates, cry cry again.

    Joe – yeah it makes sense, as many Chinese are more and more into chicken and eat less pork now.

    Unka – sure lah…but where are the bamboo steamers?

    Meiyen – yes, it’s all about presentation.

    For the love of food – yeah, pork always tastes funny in shu mai, I don’t know why…like they just taste very porky, know what I mean? LOL.

    Teckiee – really? Cool, I take it as a compliment.

    Aria – thanks. Why did you wake up at 5:30 am? ;)

    Tiga – only one steamer? Not 2? Not 3?

    KM – yes, 3 is the way to go. :)

    CP – haha, no. You know, some restaurants they put carrot at the bottom of the dim sum before steaming…so that was my inspiration. :P

  14. Dwiana P

    Hi greeting from Erie, PA. Just find your blog. I love it! and I will link your to my blog, ok?
    One of my fav Siu Mai! looking at the picture, it is for sure make me hungry.

  15. low

    well, what can i say?? it’s much more different than i do.. but it does taste good.. and i really enjoy it.. just like my boss said ‘ different chef comes with different menu or style’ so, good work.. i really love it..

  16. Afiqah

    We dont eat pork and miss halal dim sum especially chicken shu mai. you are a life saver for sharing this chicken shu mai recipe!

  17. Lisa

    Those dumplings are gorgeous (photos are stunning, too)! I recently discovered shu mai and I’m eager to try making some myself. This looks like a terrific recipe; I like the twist of using chicken. Thank you!

    P.S. I would have bought those sweet blue plates, too. Love love love those.

  18. Ghazali

    My uncle, who's from the Philippines, has been craving for shiu mai ever since he came to live with us in the Middle East. But pork is a big no-no in our Muslim home! So I will definitely try this soon. Maybe I can surprise him on his birthday with these. (The test batches are MINE, though mwahahaha.)

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful recipe! :>

  19. Syaz

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I’ve got a question though.. Is it possible to ground the chicken without a food processor nor a belnder? Because I have neither.

  20. beth

    can you use bought mince chicken or does it have to be coarser than that?
    ps. just made your kung pao chicken with some fat noodles chucked in..OMG taste explosion! great recipes you have here :)

    • Hi Beth, yes, you can use ground chicken but the texture might not be as great, but it works. Coarser meat gives a better mouth feel. Thanks for trying out my recipe and am glad it was a success.

  21. Cristina

    If I want to make a pork shu mai I’ll just have to replace the chicken with ground pork, right? What about the chicken bouillon powder, what do I replace it with? :) Thanks!

  22. AnakM

    Bee, I have made this over and over again – it is so awesome. I also make the shrimp and chive dumpling a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this. Please share more dim sum recipes! :)

  23. kalyani

    Hey! I have fallen deep in love with all your recipes! I tried Chicken shu mai yesterday and it was great!!! Just like I had in Kuala Lumpur! Thanks a lot!! :)

  24. yan-T

    i luv Chinese food….great to know Rasa Malaysia….as i can try to cook on my own now…btw…to all Muslim readers who share the same taste…u can try HALAL dim sum (chinese cuisine] in Bangi area..MOHD CHAN restaurant…nice place and great taste

  25. RY

    Hi there, Thanks for the effort to make Halal Shiu Mai recipe. I love chinese food and this is will help me to make my own cos it is hard to get Halal dumpling in here at Melb. well I will wait for your next Halal recipe! two thumbs up!

  26. corrine

    My problem with shui mai is that the pork or chicken doesnt stick 100%. Thst is why they don’t stand but flattens by about 40%. Yours stands. What do I do wrong? One friend said I should put more flour but I don’t like the taste of too muh flour.

  27. ZZZ

    I love dim sum and this is just perfect for me to try at home and test it with my family. Thank you so much for making it halal, appreciate it!!

  28. Lisa Johnson

    I’ve bought chicken shu mai from Trader Joe’s, but have never tried making it. This recipe looks simple enough. I guess I just need to get some Wonton wrappers. Thanks!

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