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Indian Mee Goreng Recipe (Indian Fried Noodles)

Indian Mee Goreng
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This post has been updated with new photos. Indian mee goreng is the Malaysian version of fried yellow noodles. This “Indian” version is sold by Indian-Malaysian hawkers—a great street food noodle dish that is sure to stir up your appetite.

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to cook. However, food is food; you have to satiate your hunger regardless of how busy you are.

I wanted to prepare something not overly complicated yet different tonight so I cooked up this nice serving of Indian Mee Goreng, which is fried yellow noodles commonly found in Malaysia, and the word “Indian” basically means that they are prepared by Indian-Malaysian hawkers.

I have two other mee goreng recipes on Rasa Malaysia, which taste different as the recipe can be quite versatile. In any case, mee goreng is always made with yellow noodles, which are available at Asian or Chinese food stores.

Sour, spicy, sweet, and tangy come through in this Indian mee goreng recipe. I love the fried bean curd, potato, and squid (a substitute for baby octopus or cuttlefish). It is really delicious. Enjoy!

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  1. Tommy

    Haven’t had that in a while…I think the Edgecumb Road Mee Goreng is the best. Used to eat them…but they have since moved and don’t know where they go. :(

  2. lucia

    totally agree with you that mee goreng is darn delicious! i eat it at least once every week during my office lunch hour. i esp. love the famous bangkok mee goreng.
    well i don’t cook so have to rely on outside food.

    thanks for dropping me a line via my blog. i enjoy reading your blog – my 2 passion – penang and food! – is in your blog! definetely going to bookmark your blog and visit it regularly from now on.

  3. Rasa Malaysia


    Welcome to Rasa Malaysia. I am away from home, so I have to make do with what I can get in the US in terms of ingredients, etc. so I have to be creative with my cooking some time.

    I loved Edgecumb Road Mee Goreng, but I couldn’t find them anymore as they moved a long time ago. If you know, do tell. :)

  4. anoopsherina

    hi,my name is sherina,i wanted to thank you for all the great delicacies in this blog,my husband is malaysian,i lived in kl for 9 years and have moved to spain lately,we miss the food like anything,i usually try and do all the things at home as i learned when i was there,my favourites were LAKSA( jesus i can smell the fragance of it rite now),mee goreng,char koeteaw,ikan bakar and many many more,so thanks a lot for everything,more next time,till then,ciao

  5. endwood

    I am in love with Mee Goreng…sadly i moved away from my favorite restaurant that serves it…Cafe Asia in Arlington, VA

  6. Arundathi

    Hi – i just love mee goreng and want to make this at home, but we don’t get yellow noodles here – what would be a good substitute? that is, would any thick noodle do?


  7. Anonymous

    Hi guys,

    I really really miss Malaysian food although ive only been away for a month and a half now, and gona be here much longer! Im craving for all the delicious stuff i see on this website! N seriously im craving for it hehe….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  8. Anonymous


    I tried this recipe for mother’s day lunch. Everyone loved it. And guess what? It was my first time at it. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us:).

    Regards, Renuga

  9. shidah

    I tried making this before but mine didnt even look like indian mee goreng. Next time i will use your indian mee goreng recipe! lol.

  10. untungatasangin

    Hi Tommy,the last time before when Iwas in Penang,I used to buy the mamak mee goreng at Edgecumb Road and after that at Padang Broom,Datuk Keramat.There are two stalls Indian Muslim which are selling mee goreng the best in the world along with the pasembur…eerr..I think you know what I mean…Now I staying in Malacca and I miss those day but when my ketagih come,I recover at Subaidah Nasi Kandar restaurant….see ya next time… :)

  11. nazreeena 27

    yeelow noodles maggi boiled in hot water 15 mins chilly paste 8 tablespoon potatoes 4 boiled and diced dried tahu fried tahu cut into small pices eggs boiled 6 boiled and cut into half curry powder 8-10 tablespoons
    belachan grinded 4 tablespoons salt mock prawns 1 packet.lit the stove pour in the oil put in the maggi noodles 8 tablespoons chilly paste potatoes boiled eggs and mix well put in the fried tahu and curry powders10 tablespoons and belachan paste mock prawn fried then add salt to taste turn off stove.

  12. Emma

    I’m an Aussie who has had a passion for Malaysian hawker food ever since working in a Malaysian restaurant called Chinta Blues ten years ago… I also love Indonesian food, in fact the whole SE Asia region!

    I cooked mee goreng last night using your recipe to resounding applause. I put fried shallots on top and included green beans, excluded squid because I was cooking for a vegetarian. I remembered that at Chinta Blues they included fresh tomato. I find that the key ingredient (not always listed in recipes) is ketchup.



  13. Anonymous

    As an Indian I adore malaysian food
    this recipe is delicous but part of indridents was bean curbs right?
    is that a mistake
    cause tht was confusin

  14. winzky


    me goreng is realy nice food, i was on my vacation in singapore and there is food court near hotel where i stay and everytime i go down i always ask for megoreng
    megoreng for noodles, and negoreng for rice…try it and you will say im right.

    me goreng is combined of seafoods and noodles and hotsauce with beaten eggs

    im so inlove with this food

  15. JoJo

    OMG~~ tis mee goreng made me miss M'sia's mamak stalls so much!!especially the one i used to chill out the most in KL :P

    well..Can I know where to get INDO MEE in STATE? i like the taste on INDO MEE goreng more than normal instant noodle & yellow noodle.

  16. Anonymous

    4 packet maggi mee boil hot 15 mins
    drain of the water rinse it pipe water using a continainer
    grinded dried prawns pastes and grinded ikan billis an grindeded belachan babas meat curry powder and chilly powder i tsp sugar
    pepper a dash or two and salt.
    lit the stove por in oil fry in some onoin and chopped green chillies black soya sauce 2 tsp
    dry tahu fried in oil add in the noodles add in the tahu and boiled potatoes cut into small square dry prawn p ut all the masalas and mix well put in the salt chilly powder and grinded paste all in one go fry in the rempah and seve hot

  17. Natasha

    I lived in Brunei was 9 years and used to get this from the Tamu over the weekends! Tried this recipe out last night and my family LOVED it. A couple of changes I made though…
    ○ Since I was cooking for my family, I used a two pound pack of noodles
    ○ I substituted the potato for Crimini mushrooms (which gave a nice meaty but light texture), and
    ○ doubled the quantity of the squid (since my family LOVES squid)
    ○ Also, for the chili paste, I used far more than ten chilies.

    My Mee Goreng came out super spicy but it was pretty darn tasty. If I do say so myself :)

  18. Diana Robinson

    made this today and mum lovd it… i forgot to put salt so i added it later and added beans to it too. it was yummm……. thank you …..

  19. cupcakediva

    Hi! What type of noodles did you use? What brand?
    I fell in love with the Fried Noodles served at The Elizabeth Hotel in SG and I want to replicate it…Thanks!

  20. shankar

    For those who live in the US, go to a chinese grocery store and look for “guangoong style dried noodles or similar” It works sooo well. You can get the rest in the same place like saw, tofu, beans sprout. You can use tomato ketchup and the rest of the ingredients in the recipe. I grow my own chille padi and use it.- small world. I have been here for 45 years and I am from KL.

  21. So, I was looking for a good indian style mee goreng recipe and I came across your recipe. i continued to look – just to see the difference between the various recipes and I came across this blog:

    I know i’m going to sound like im being totally petty but isn’t that your picture!! she did say “Saurce:RasaMalaysia” in her post but… using your pic? just thought i’d let you know.

  22. Paul Bongiorno

    Thank you for the recipe.

    My wife and I lived in Brunei and sorely miss our Malay veg restaurant we’d frequented.

    Thanks again.

  23. Ekta

    I just made this!! I had some left over Roast chicken instead of shrimp and also added some fried shallots It took 10 mins to cook, which is quicker then the time it would have taken me to go and get take away!!! Also tastes just as delicious!!

  24. Anne

    Can you please give the recipe for cuttlefish that the mamak adds to his mee goreng? I notice that this is cooked separately and he adds it in when he’s frying the noodles. It’s not squid as mentioned in your recipe. I believe he soaks the dried cuttlefish and cooks it separately.

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