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Shrimp Wontons


Shrimp Wontons

Shrimp wontons – easy peasy shrimp wontons recipe with fresh shrimp, wrapped with wonton skin and boil/steam and serve with ginger vinegar sauce. So yummy!

This post was originally published on Dec 17, 2006. Updated with new photos.


Blame it on the holiday season, but I haven’t had much time to cook lately—endless Christmas parties and gift shopping have made my days completely occupied. However, I have to confess that I have been sort of procrastinating in kitchen chores, too. Well, I guess you just have to cut me some slack; after all, it’s that time of year again, so I am merely having fun outside of my kitchen.

Shrimp Wontons

That being said, I haven’t totally gone missing in action in terms of cooking. I rummaged through my fridge today and found some leftover wonton skins (remember those fried wontons I made a few weeks ago?) and whipped up these shrimp wontons with dipping sauces: ginger vinegar sauce. They were simply delicious.

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  1. Chris

    They look tiny and cute… give us the recipe! Hurry up!

    About the ginger vinegar, wontons definitely go well with that. Yummy~~

  2. toniXe

    my Gang is waiting with Anchor Strong, so I really need these salivalicious ( yes meiyen u have smelled it !)goodies ! I shall need 2 to 3 dozens ok …TQ

  3. tigerfish

    Are they steamed or boiled ? Definitely one of those asian comfort food, especially for the colder months. Plus, the ginger vinegar and garlic chilli….oooooooh

  4. leonard

    Season Greetings & Merry Christmas. Thanks for your blogs and throughly enjoy it since I discovered it months ago.

    Best wishes.

  5. Rasa Malaysia

    Chris – recipe included now…make suer yuo make them though…don’t just simply ask for the recipe. ;)

    Meiyen – me too.

    Tonixe – why you changed your name again? I am very confused! :P

    Tigerfish – they were boilde…steam will work the same.

    Leonard – Happy holidays to you too. Thanks, you are so nice.

    Simcooks – make them and post them in your blog and we can cross link. :)

  6. BuddingCook

    I just changed my name to buddingcook. It’s probably more fitting. :) Oh oh oh, I tried out your breakfast pancakes this Sat! Yum yum yum. I posted the results on my blog.

  7. Lynn

    I came across your blog by accident. Love the pictures! Just allow me to recommend that you (C) mark your pictures especially when it is your very own creative photography.

  8. lucia

    i love shrimp wanton! well anything with shrimp in it, i love.

    well it’s end of the year so good time to take it slow. i have lots of leave to finish up, so appropriate for me to take the leaves to relax at home!

  9. Rasa Malaysia

    Unkaleong – you have a Merry little Christmas too.

    Buddingcook – thanks for trying my recipe. I hope you liked it.

    Lynn – will look into adding watermark to my pictures soon. :)

    Lucia – I know you would post a comment for me because they are shrimp wontons! :P

  10. eatdrinknbmerry

    Rasa, these look gorgeous. I’m actually leaving for Hong Kong this week and the first place i’m hitting up is my favorite wonton noodle joint. i’ve thought about them ever since i was there last year. nice job.

  11. Rasa Malaysia

    Eatdrinknbmerry – Hong Kong has killer shrimp wontons and they are real (meaning pure shrimp goodness!). I also love the wonton noodles there…they are the best. Have a good trip and eat well!

    Ben – thanks. I use Canon Powershot SD450 Digital Elph Point-and-Shoot. No, I do not have those fancy DSLR. Hehe. :)

  12. Keropok Man

    Hi RM,

    Your wonton seems a bit “botak”, you snipped off the excess skin at the top?

    Aiyoyo, I just remembered I have a pack of wantan skins in my fridge and they have been left untouched for a month! oops. They were vacuum packed, so I hope they are still ok. hehe…

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Keropok Man,

    No, they are not botak..the skin at the top is there…just that I filled the wontons with loads of shrimp so they look like they don’t have that much excess skin. :P

  14. Suit Lean

    I tried to cook the wantoon yesterday. Yes, so yummy. Yum Yum Yum. However i din’t use the water chestnuts. I replace it with Jicama( 沙葛( chinese) @ sengkuang, mengkuang, bengkuang (Malay), man kaew (Thai).
    Hard to get fresh chestnuts at here and of course, i dont like the can chestnuts sell in asian grocerry. I prefer to choose something fresh.
    Malaysian always use Jinama to cook spring roll and wantoon as well. Because it is much more cheaper than water chestnuts and it is so easier to peel and chopped.

  15. Naouar

    These look absolutely tasty! I love shrimp and would love to make this recipe as soon as possible. Before I do, I have a question. Can I leave the rice wine out or do you have a good substitute? I don’t drink nor cook with alcohol, because I’m a Muslim. Hope to get a reply real soon, because I’m starving for these shrimp wontons.

  16. i just made this tonight and i love it!! thank you so much for your recipe! reminds me of being in the streets of hong kong : ) such a treat to realize that this ‘eating out’ food can be made at home too :D a slight addition i made- i simmered the shrimp heads and shells, then strained them out, and boiled the wontons w/ noodles in that red-colored soup :)

  17. Love Rasa Malaysia Recipes!


    Thank you for the recipe! I plan to make these soon tonight…would you please kindly tell me if there another vegetable that most people probably have in their fridge that we can use as a substitute for water chestnuts? Thanks!

      • Emily

        “Refrigerate” and “thaw” have me confused. If you refrigerate them do you leave them out to warm to room temp? Or are you putting them in the freezer when you are refrigerating? If not, have you tried freezing them? These look like I’d want to make a bunch to have on hand :)

    • Miki

      Hi….I would really like to make these wontons because the recipe is enticing and I somehow lost my favorite shrimp wonton recipe, but I am still waiting for a response to the amount of wontons. Nowhere in the recipe is the serving size or amount of wontons mentioned.
      Helloooooooo Rasa…..where are you?????

  18. Alan

    i don’t see the wonton skin as part of the ingredients, so how do I make the wonton skin? Hope it doesn’t require us to buy them as I couldn’t find pre-made skins in zurich

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