Thai-style Steamed Clams
August 26th, 2011 24 Comments

Thai-style Steamed Clams

Thai-style Steamed Clams
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A few weeks ago, when my friend Eat A Duck I Must came to shoot my cookbook promo video for me, I made her a killer pot of Penang Assam laksa. After she left, all the remaining spices had been sitting in my fridge in a dark corner—lemongrass, bird’s eye chilies, galangal, and lime juice. Last week, my market was having a sale of Manila clams and I thought about a great recipe that would make use of the spices. I made this yummy Thai-style steamed clams

Thai Steamed Clams

This steamed clams dish is everything Thai food is all about: hot, sour, aromatic, and addictive. Other than the spices, the secret ingredient is coconut water. You can get canned coconut water at Asian stores, however, water is fine as the clams are naturally briny and flavorful. I must say that the coconut water does add a subtle sweetness to the overall dish, and pairs perfectly with the exotic aromas of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Try this Thai steamed clams recipe the next time you have some Thai ingredients at hand. I am certain you will enjoy the great taste.

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  1. Indu says:

    How absolutely beautiful! The pics seem to be getting better and better.

  2. Gorgeous way to make clams. I’ll have to give these a go.

  3. I am doing this recipe tonight. Already called to ensure some clams are set aside. =)

  4. Whoa!! Indeed it’s a beautiful shot! I’m really tempted to try this soon!

  5. Joy says:

    The clames look wonderful.

  6. Steamed clams with Thai flavours sound so tempting – a great idea to finish up spices :)

  7. alice says:

    i cannot lie, that assam laksa was so good, i closed my eyes and was transported back to that hot and sticky afternoon at the foot of kek lok si… it could also be that it was so spicy it made me delirious. either way it was awesome and now i want these clams too!

  8. How did the clams turned out Garrett?

  9. Oh great! a seafood delight. I love those clams.

  10. nors says:

    The clams are really looks fantastics….This is my second time to your sire,and I really enjoy your recipe…I have tried your laksa..taste very authentic..thanks.

  11. judyC says:

    6 oz. or clams won’t fill me!

  12. Daniel says:

    Hi, nice one. But which spicy rating would you give for it? The thing is that I cannot eat spicy food :-( I would like to eat all the dishes showed here, but for sure I would have my tongue burned :-)

  13. SparklingRachel says:

    That looks so good! I will kill to make it more spicy… Anyways, do you know how to clean the clams well? tips? I rinse and scrub them, but it doesn’t ever seem clean enough. :(

  14. Salina Singh says:

    This recipe reminds me of the thai mussels i have had at my favorite thai joint. I also think they may add another ingredient that i think i taste, maybe tamarind? do you think tamarind would go well with this? and what is galangal? I love your site. everything always looks so delicious. I am from trinidad but we love asian cuisine.

    • Hi Salina, you can add tamarind juice but lime juice is better in this recipe. Galangal is a part of ginger, but different with a distinct aroma. Thanks for visiting Rasa Malaysia.

  15. yummie delicuous^^ looks very spicy …

  16. Rodney says:

    i also use mussels and they are delicious cooked this way

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