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  1. Ooooo! Mmmmm… I SO missed Penang chee cheong fun! Along with so many other hawker delights. You are definitely making me nostalgic!:)

  2. Hi RM! First of all, Congratulations on your DMBLGIT success, well done, Gurl!
    I use to have fresh chee cheong fun with fishballs and fue pei most mornings for breakfast growing up in KL. These days, I don’t see them sold fresh out of the steamer anymore, except at Tim Sum Restaurants, but that’s a different style altogether. Miss those days!

  3. Hi Rasa Msia,

    Goodness gracious! I really enjoy eating Penang-style chee cheong fun. I only didn’t know that it can be THAT easy to make.

    Chloe T.

  4. Yoyo’s Food – thank you. I checked out your blog, everything you made looks soooo delicious. :)

    Anh – yep. :)

    East meets west kitchen – yes, Penang chee cheong fun is great, with hae ko, but I like the chee cheong fun in KL too with fish balls and foo chuk.

    WMW – yes I know…those with fish balls and foo chuk, so good. :)

    Kok – it’s easy to make if you have off-the-shelf ready made ingredients…I don’t know how to make it from scratch though. :P

    Ming – good to know…so I guess I won’t be going there. ;)

    Teckiee – the hae ko I used is made in Penang, so it’s pretty good, but of course, not like the real CCF in Penang lah.

    4 the love of food – thanks. Oh yeah, when I was studying in KL, I would eat KL-style CCF too because Penang-style was impossible to find. I love the KL version too.

    Chloe – again, it’s easy to make if you can get ready-made ingredients. ;)

    Cynthia – well, even in CA not every store carries the ingredients…you have paradise beaches in Barbados, so I envy you for that. :)

    Tummy – of course I smuggled more than the prawn paste…that just goes without saying! LOL.

    Claude – yeah, this food is very specific only to Penang.

    Tiga – I bet you can find hae ko at the Asian stores in the bay area if you really look, but sorry R99 don’t have it. :(

  5. Hey RM! Can you please smuggle some over here to Toronto for me!!! LOL!!

    Hmmmmmmm…you are making to droool!!! Really miss “Hae Ko” … can make sooo many yummy things with it … CCF, Assam Laksa, Rojak!!! Boo Hoo … now I am crying … missing all those yummy food!!!

  6. rasa malaysia is malaysian martha stewart. she knows a lot of cooking method. only 2 website i went to, either martha or rasa. can you pls tell me how to make malaysian egg tofu? thank you.

  7. i love chee cheong fun. it is usually a side dish for me since i don’t find a plate filling. i will eat one other dish PLUS chee cheong fun… never chee cheong fun alone.

    btw chee cheong fun sold at kopi tiam also consists of chilli sauce and this er… what do you call… hokkien we call it the ‘sweet sauce’.

  8. This is exactly what my father would make when feeling lazy as well so I was delighted to see this! Great post and they sound and look delicious!

  9. I have always been amazed at how simple yet so popular this dish is in M”sia. For me at least, it’s the yummy taste of the sesame seeds that comes to mind when chi cheong Fun’s the topic. Nice shots.

  10. first of all, congrats again for winning 2nd in the food photography contest! i actually like this tomato pic better than the chive one ;p

    now, talking bout chee cheong fun, did u hav a fav in penang? i love the macalister lane one (although i hate the styrofoam plates that they tend to use nowadays– they just take away the flavour somehow). my mom has been patronising the couple since her school days would u believe that haha…

  11. Tricia Lee-Chin – hae ko totally rocks…the sauce that I used it’s actually rojak sauce, all mixed up already with other ingredients. I don’t have a pure hae ko though…will have to smuggle the next time so I can make some homemade Assam laksa. :)

    The team – new name again?!

    Anonymous – wow, Malaysian Martha Stewart, LOL, I would love to do so, but where are my cookbooks deal, TV show, and domestic goods empire? Well, maybe one day. What do you mean by Malaysian egg tofu? You mean though fried egg tofu pieces in some brown sauce? Let me know what you mean.

    Anonymous – Thanks and welcome to RM.

    Tracy – thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like my food photography.

    Lucia – correct, this is always a side dish…not a main dish. Sometimes can even order only one roll, but now I think the hawker won’t sell you just for one roll.

    Truffle – cool. It always great to have home-made ones.

    Princess – you can make them at home…got the rojak sauce or not?

    Nate 2.0 – I am not sure if you can get the Shrimp & Boy rojak sauce in NoCal. Even in SoCal, only a few places carry it.

    C2 – this is a dish that is really good, surprisingly good and cheap so that’s why it’s popular. :)

    Jun – I love the one on New Lane…not sure about the one on Macalister lane…do you mean by New Lane kopitiam, if so, yes, they are the best. The one in Island Glades Genting kopitiam also good. :)

    Lia – welcome and thanks.

  12. bean curd with egg. which is bean curd has egg flavor. only at malaysian restaurant you can get it. did you know how to make it? is call yoke chi tofu. jade tofu malaysian called.

  13. Wah ur from Penang too! hehe so am I. Great to know another Penang person! Merdeka soon leh.. Aug.31 hehe. I’m in Indonesia but I do miss Penang food and life there leh.. hehe! Great Blog and Gosh the pics make me homesick haha! Thanks :D Keep up the great work!


  14. I love your sense of humor. Thank you so much for providing such an easy recipes for lazy people like me. By the way, you are definitely an expert in food photography! You are hired!

  15. i love your site so much! Thank you for sharing! I like my Chee Cheong Fun unroll/open up & Sauces separately with no chilli- cos I like to dip each cut rolls into the sauce according to my liking. People said it’s so childish-I don’t care :D This is the only dish that I don’t fancy with chilli.

    Another way I enjoyed eating CCF is with Char Bee Hoon – yep… the cheap Char Bee Hoon by the roadside stalls @ Kimberly St. Last but not forgetten, with Curry Mee :-D


  16. Daniel –

    No need light soy sauce or dark soy sauce. If you can get the sauce, that’s all you need. Chili sauce, I am not sure because the hawkers make it from scratch. I will just add those Made in Malaysia chili sauce (not to sweet kind). It’s pretty close to the real thing, but of course, it will never be the real thing.

    I don’t have a recipe of Apong Balik myself, but check this out: http://www.mytasteheaven.com/2008/12/apom-guan-jalan-burmah-penang_23.html

  17. Looking for the recipe how to make Ipoh chee cheong fun… has anybody eaten that ? So yummy! wish you could help!

  18. Bee, love your blog!!!! :) It’s given me endless fun in the kitchen and lotsa new ideas!!!! I love this chee cheong fun! We have the shrimp and boy rojak sauce here in australia, is that all that’s needed? If we were to mix it with the hoisin sauce, doesnt the mixture need to be cook first, is not its considered ‘raw’? Also do you have the recipe for making the ‘sweet sauce’ that they have in Malaysia when they serve it with CCF? Thanks sooo much again for your blog!! Looking forward to more new and exciting recipes!!! :)

    • All the sauces are ready to be consumed out of the bottle, there is no need to boil. Sorry, I don’t know how to make the sweet sauce. Good luck in trying the recipe.

  19. Best ccf stall in Penang is at Macalister Lane run by old couple from 7:30-12:3pm. After that, you can get it at a stall in Suncity Cafe, Fettes Park opposite Island Plaza operated by the old couples daughter. That one is open from 12:30-3:00pm and 5:30 to 11:00pm.

    So Bee, your bro CK can now take tourists there at night for the best ccf in Penang if he doesn’t know already.

    The ccf I had in KL long ago was with watery curry with sesame seeds and fish balls. Quite nice.

    Wonder what ccf (opened) will taste like with thick chicken curry/potatoes gravy.

  20. Hi, had the cheer cheong fun recipe been taken off your site as unable to find it. Would appreciate your help add it looks so yummy and want to give it a go. Would appreciate your help.

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