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  1. Believe it or not, my mum saved the squid ink for my Chinese calligraphy when I was in Primary school. Oh, it smelled yucky! My funny childhood. :)

    Back to the squid cooking, I just realized I have not cooked any squid dish before. Just help my mum to clean it. Squid dish can be photogenic, just like yours.

  2. Tips:
    Half fill a basin or the kitchen sink with water and clean squid immersed in it. Wash cleaned squid in clean water and set aside and repeat until all squid are clean and washed. No more ink squirts on you. This method also works for peeling onions and shallots. Cry no more.

    Try this easy fried squid recipe: Coat pieces of squid with egg white, coat with corn flour or “Kentucky” flour and add squid in to deep fry them in hot oil. CAUTION: COVER WITH LID IMMEDIATELY AFTER ADDING SQUID IN HOT OIL. You will hear explosions going on. If you are frying without a lid be prepared to have a splattered and very oily kitchen floor and walls and pieces of squid on the floor too.

    Love spicy squid especially in curries.

  3. I love eating squid too but it’s so tricky to overcook and they become chewy like elastic band! I like them either crunchy or soft but not chewy. Many Asian restos I’ve eaten at do not make this well in Miami, always disappointed but I keep hoping for a good one. I heard you either cook very little or for a long time. Is that true?

    • No, just don’t overcook them. If you cook too long, they shrink as all the water comes out. Blanch it so they are half cooked and finish cooking during the stir-fry or in this case, in a clay pot.

  4. I love squid. And to see them in a sand pot is to think of long cooking time but here it is short and quick. Kind of a bit of culinary trickery.

  5. I love 3-cup chicken, was so excited to see 3-cup squid! I had a bag of squid tubes in my freezer that begged, “Cook me!” This is a simple recipe but so tasty and flavorful! It was easy to cook and looked attractive too. A winner!

  6. Made this over the weekend and loved it! It was my first time cooking with squid and it was so easy I don’t know why I waited so long to try it!

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