Almond Heart Cookies
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Almond Heart Cookies

Almond-Rye Heart Cookies
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It’s February and romance is in the air. Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I am sure many of you are thinking of recipe ideas to surprise your sweetheart. As many of you know, food is the surefire way to get to your love’s heart, make the stomach happy and your love will be forever yours.

Almond-Rye Heart Cookies

As I was reading through the February issue of Martha Stewart Living, two recipes caught my eyes. One is this beautiful and wonderful almond-eye heart cookies, in the beautiful and oh-so-romantic love shape. They are dusted with powdered sugar and I just wanted to eat them, or wished that someone would actually bake these for me, and then wrapped them nicely in a box, with ribbon and a card that says “I Love You.” Anyway, I don’t think I am getting that but I am sure your loved ones will be very delighted if you make these almond heart cookies specially for your sweetheart.

Martha Stewart Living

To plan your Valentine’s day ahead, you can actually make these cookies 3 days in advance before V day. So what are you waiting for? Give your love the gift of love with lot of hearts this year! Happy baking using this almond heart cookies recipe.

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