Black Pepper Chicken Recipe
July 09th, 2009 87 Comments

Black Pepper Chicken Recipe

Black Pepper Chicken
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Do you love black pepper? I do.

Think black pepper crab, black pepper beef (served on a sizzling hot plate!), and black pepper in the many concoctions that ultimately add depth and awesomeness to the dish. Don’t you just love black pepper?

I made black pepper chicken for dinner last night. It was a very spontaneous recipe. I had a chicken breast, a bag of onions, and a green bell pepper. Then, I thought about black pepper chicken. Though not as sinfully delicious as black pepper beef, it was still wonderful.

The caramelized onions lend a natural sweetness to this black pepper chicken dish, and help tone down the heat from the black pepper. Black pepper chicken goes extremely well with rice, or even tortilla.

Below is my black pepper chicken recipe, a painless 30-minute meal that anyone can do. If you have a sizzling hot plate like the ones at restaurant, feel free to serve it on the hot plate for extra sizzles!

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  1. Mushi says:

    I am Food Technologist and working on recipes

  2. kroot14 says:

    Tasty. Have made this a few times with Jasmine rice – always good!

  3. Wagons says:

    What is milled pepper?

    Any subs for bell pepper, since some are allergic to it ? Thanks !

  4. I made this for dinner tonight . It was very good doubled the recipe and added double the soy sauce, used red and green bell peppers. I couldn’t find the maggi seasoning subs braggs amino acids, served over rice.

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