Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes
August 14th, 2012 13 Comments

Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes

Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes
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Right after I baked the perfect pound cake, I had some leftover cake flour. Recently, a couple of friends and I were experimenting with layer cake (Indonesian/Malaysian kek lapis) with prunes, so I decided to use the cake flour to make brandy butter cake with prunes, with a touch of brandy added to flavor the cake.

I grew up watching my late mother enjoying her brandy. Every night before she went to bed, she would religiously take a sip of brandy from its bottle—stashed preciously in the cupboard right beside her bed. She swore by brandy, and believed that brandy was a magic tonic that guaranteed longevity and eternal health. Brandy was her favorite liquor.

Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes

I don’t really drink but I do like the aroma that brandy imparts to cakes, for examples: kek lapis and (a good) fruit cake. I improvised my favorite butter cake recipe and added splashes of brandy and some dried prunes (plums). The end result is this brandy butter cake laced with prunes. I gave some to my neighbor and they really enjoyed the cake.

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  1. I have curious how the cake will taste with brandy added, perhaps should bake one and try it, thanks for sharing.

  2. All the time. I like wine in savory stews and sauces. Brandy too (cognac) in coq au vin and boeuf bourgignonne.

  3. Sasha Rambles via Facebook says:

    Of course! Well, sometimes it doesn’t make it into the pot ;)

  4. Diana Ficik via Facebook says:

    I’ve made a brandy butter cake as well. An old European recipe. Also I use wine a lot and rum. :)

  5. Fruitcake for holidays – I pour over Calvados.

  6. Kelly Lawson via Facebook says:

    I’m the same -all the liquor in my house is for cooking. Just made a Guinness cake.

  7. Because of personal reasons I don’t keep alcohol in the house. But I use sake and Shaoxing wine (or sherry) in my chinese cooking. Apart from sometimes i use cognac for making a pepper gravy for a nice steak.

  8. Jacqueline Lopez via Facebook says:

    Ha Ha – my Malaysian stepmother swears by it too – we bring her a bottle every time she visits – and she is a world class cook!

  9. I used to watch Essence of Emeril. Whenever he would cook with beer, he would open two bottles, one for the pot and one for him. Bam!

  10. Rob Cortez via Facebook says:

    I bake my Chocolate Devil Cake adding light rum both on the mixtures n icing. Brandy I mix it with my coffee occasionally.

  11. Edwin Chia via Facebook says:

    ya chinese style

  12. Fern says:

    Love prunes in my cakes…and prunes and brandy in one is a terrific idea!

  13. Tiburon says:

    Tried this recipe but had replaced prunes with blueberries. At the same time, had reduce the sugar by 20g. Tasted wonderful!

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