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Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes

Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes
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Right after I baked the perfect pound cake, I had some leftover cake flour. Recently, a couple of friends and I were experimenting with layer cake (Indonesian/Malaysian kek lapis) with prunes, so I decided to use the cake flour to make brandy butter cake with prunes, with a touch of brandy added to flavor the cake.

I grew up watching my late mother enjoying her brandy. Every night before she went to bed, she would religiously take a sip of brandy from its bottle—stashed preciously in the cupboard right beside her bed. She swore by brandy, and believed that brandy was a magic tonic that guaranteed longevity and eternal health. Brandy was her favorite liquor.

Brandy Butter Cake with Prunes

I don’t really drink but I do like the aroma that brandy imparts to cakes, for examples: kek lapis and (a good) fruit cake. I improvised my favorite butter cake recipe and added splashes of brandy and some dried prunes (plums). The end result is this brandy butter cake laced with prunes. I gave some to my neighbor and they really enjoyed the cake.

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  1. Diana Ficik via Facebook

    I’ve made a brandy butter cake as well. An old European recipe. Also I use wine a lot and rum. :)

  2. Jacqueline Lopez via Facebook

    Ha Ha – my Malaysian stepmother swears by it too – we bring her a bottle every time she visits – and she is a world class cook!

  3. Rob Cortez via Facebook

    I bake my Chocolate Devil Cake adding light rum both on the mixtures n icing. Brandy I mix it with my coffee occasionally.

  4. Tiburon

    Tried this recipe but had replaced prunes with blueberries. At the same time, had reduce the sugar by 20g. Tasted wonderful!

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