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Coffee Ice Cream

Five years ago, I conceived the idea of Rasa Malaysia, and the blog was officially born on July 4, 2006. For this year’s July 4th weekend, I wanted to share with you a new blog, a site that I love so much I can’t wait to unveil to you all—please meet Season with Spice (yes, click the link!), a website championed by my good friends Reese and Mark, which is about reconnecting the ancient Spice Route by featuring people from all over the world, who introduce their culture; their home; through their kitchen, by sharing colorful recipes…with spice. Please welcome Season with Spice, with their Coffee Ice Cream recipe, and read on for the wonderful post about their mission. And remember to click on this link to visit Season with Spice and its wonderful recipes. Don’t forget to leave a comment to show your support. Have a great 4th!

For many of you, Rasa Malaysia is a place to find the Laksa or Curry Mee or Loh Bak that you miss.  For others, it is a place to discover dishes you’ve never tasted.   But for all visitors to Rasa Malaysia, it is a place to feel a connection to Asia; to Malaysia; and above all, to Penang.

On Rasa Malaysia, Bee welcomes all of you into her kitchen, and shares not only her recipes, but also stories of her family, her favorite hawker stalls, a dash here and there of Hokkien and Malay words, festivals and events she remembers as a child, and adventures she has on her “balik kampung” trips.  Through her kitchen, she shares her stories of home.

That is why Bee represents Penang on the New Spice Route

Launched in April 2011, Season with Spice is reconnecting the Spice Route through a Culinary & Cultural journey, by featuring people from all over the world, who introduce their culture; their home; through their kitchen, by sharing colorful recipes…with spice.

Because what spices we use, and how we cook with them, represent where we come from. Whether it is in the traditional foods we grew up with and carry on cooking, or in the new dishes we create with all the amazing flavors and ideas we receive from the melting pot around us.

Where would cooking be without spices?

Not in our kitchen.  We are passionate about the colors, the aromas, and the flavors.  And not on Season with Spice, where you will find recipes shared by the international community, proving how wonderfully dynamic spices can be by their varied uses in cooking from one culture to the next, and at other times, through reinvention with a bit of determination and creativity in the kitchen.

Where would your cooking be without spices?

On Season with Spice, we won’t let that happen.  Like the ancient Spice Route where spices themselves were the ingredients of discovery, on the New Spice Route, recipes with spice are your doors to kitchens around the world.  Into kitchens where you will find the flavors your food has been missing.

But Season with Spice is more than spices.  It’s about connections.  A convergence of cultures.  A place to explore; a place to interact and learn from people who are linking the Spice Route through the stories they share, and the dishes they cook.

A place to discover the meaning to Season with Spice.

These connections are a part of everyday life in Penang – a diverse island that was originally developed along the Spice Route.

A few weeks ago, Reese & I were enjoying masala tea at a restaurant in Penang’s Little India.  The warm aroma of green cardamom, and other spices, biting and tickling our taste buds with each sip.  It was quiet, so we chatted with the waiter – a guy about our age, originally from Tamil Nadu – about his home and family, about the Tamil language as we struggled to pronounce a few words.  And we asked him about the spices in the tea, and about the Indian dishes we had ordered.

And that simple experience carried to the following day, when I had masala tea swirling around in my mind.  With that thought – mixed with my craving for ice cream that never goes away, and watching Reese add sugar to her coffee – I had my new recipe.

It’s now Summer Season with Spice, so it’s time to enjoy a scoop of Masala Coffee Ice Cream!

Mark (and Reese too)

The best type of coffee ice cream to make is the one with the coffee you are familiar with and enjoy drinking. Therefore, this recipe will be in three parts: espresso, instant coffee, and coffee beans. The first part here on Rasa Malaysia, and the second and third on Season with Spice over the next two weeks.  Each recipe will also feature a different spice blend.

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  1. Lydia

    Hi Bee, thanks for introducing us to such an exciting new blog. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and have a great July 4th.

  2. OMG!!! That looks so delicious!

    I love Coffee but I never like coffee ice-cream because it tastes so fake but with all those delicious spices!!!


    I can’t wait to make this :)

    Now I will zip over to “Season with Spice”

  3. This looks phenomenal! I can’t wait to make it. Love adding the unexpected to classics or desserts like ice-cream! Happy Anniversary to you & your blog! xoxo
    ~ Juliane

  4. Vivian

    lovely ice cream! i dont have an ice cream maker but i’ll try making masala coffee. must be as good as masala tea

  5. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Wow… 5 years! Your blog is really amazing and your hard work in early days really paid off! Cheers to the next 5 years!
    I bookmarked this coffee ice cream. I’m happy I have an ice cream maker now so I can make this at home! =) Thanks for sharing this recipe Mark and Reese!

  6. Hey Bee, happy anniversary! I’m so glad to have found your wonderful blog through Season with Spice. I love it, especially all the delicious Asian recipes you share – can’t wait to try some of them.

    I’m totally with you on — I heart Season with Spice too, particularly the two amazing souls behind this creation. The masala coffee ice cream looks and sounds way too tempting and I can’t wait to see the instant coffee and coffee beans versions!

  7. Thank you Bee for introducing Season with Spice (and congrats on five years!), and thank you everyone for the nice comments.

    As a continuation of our Culinary & Cultural journey on Season with Spice, we just launched our “Discover” series. Every month on the blog, we will feature a member on the New Spice Route, giving them the opportunity to introduce their home – the place they represent on the New Spice Route.

    Stop by our blog now to “Discover Portugal” with Teresa from Delicious Wordflux. And next up? Bee! As she discusses Penang, her kitchen, and more details of her new cookbook.


    Mark & Reese

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