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Golden Egg Curry

Golden Egg Curry
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There are very few cookbooks that I eagerly await; one of them is Naomi Duguid’s Burma: Rivers of Flavor. It’s always so refreshing to read a cookbook about a lesser-known country and its cuisine, and the award-winning Naomi Duguid did a smashing job with the new cookbook. The food photography by Richard Jung—whom photography I absolutely adore—is simply gorgeous and literally a visual treat. I love every recipe in the cookbook, but one that stands out that I wanted to share with you is this Golden Egg Curry.

Burma: Rivers of Flavor

According to the headnote, Burmese egg curry is a beautiful way of presenting eggs. They’re first boiled, then peeled and fried in medium-hot oil. The smooth whites blister and firm up into an attractive golden crust. Only then are the eggs cut into half and added to a sauce—here, a light tomato-based sauce that’s mildly chile hot. Serve with rice or bread, a crisp salad, or a condiment.

The description sounds like one of my favorite Malaysian dishes, egg sambal or sambal telur, the recipe I have shared on Rasa Malaysia. From the picture and the description, I know this is the kind of eggs I love to eat and I hope you will like this egg curry, too.

Burma: Rivers of Flavor is available now at book stores and Amazon. Enjoy!

Reprinted with the permission from Burma: Rivers of Flavor by Naomi Duguid, copyright © 2012. Published by Artisan Book, a division of Workman Publishing, Inc.

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  1. Sally Aye via Facebook

    Put some tamarind juice will taste even better. I don’t like eggs except egg curry. One of my favorite dish growing up in Burma. Hope you will share more Burmese recipes to the world. :)

  2. Michael M

    I can’t wait to try this! I love Burmese food! It’s a wonderful blend of Southeast Asian, Chinese & Indian flavors with it’s own unique twist. I frequently work with Burmese refugees and am very happy this great cuisine is getting more recognition. I hope to see more Burmese recipes here in the future.

  3. Denise Hebrank

    I received my copy of “Burma” on its release date. Gorgeous photography and so informative. The recipes are amazing! Reads like a travel log. I love egg curries and weather hard cooked or fried and allowed to drizzle over the rice, the eggs add a richness that can’t be beat.

  4. Vert Driver via Facebook

    i like the recommendation for free range eggs, what i have found a true free range chicken with a natural diet will have the richest tasting yolk.

  5. Kyi-Sin

    This is one of my favorite Burmese curries! I am happy to see a Burmese recipe on your blog since I am Burmese, and it is hard to find recipes on the internet. I have my mom on speed dial though :).

    • This dish may well have roots in South Asia, but it is a Burmese curry, Priyanka. There’s been lots of cross-influence around the Bay of Bengal… Many of the Indian egg curry dishes I’ve seen poach the eggs in the tomato-etc sauce, rather than this double cooking method, well triple in fact.

    • Michael M

      Burmese cuisine shares many dishes with that of India and Bangladesh. Seeing that these countries share a border and that these borders have shifted back and forth over time it’s not surprising.

    • Indian and Burmese food have influenced each other a lot.. Being an Indian who has experienced authentic burmese food made in burmese household I know some dishes are very similar..
      This is very much Burmese Curry, just because we have same style of egg curry in India it does not make this curry here any less Burmese…
      That is the beauty of food, it is does not defined by borders rather it flows like free water…

  6. Doug

    Thanks for the great recipe. Tried it last night and it hit just the right taste profile. Next time I’ll add a little more spice but the fish sauce really makes it.

  7. jsrosenfeld

    I have this book and it’s a treasure from a lesser known country that has great cuisine!

    The recipe is not too shabby either. I made it and it’s good, and that comes down from my entire family.

    Great blog!

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