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French Macarons

French Macarons
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French macarons—those pretty, light, airy, meringue-based, melt-in-your-mouth confection in everyone’s favorite. Of course, I am a big fan, and even my 3-year old picky eater is a big fan. I remember a few months ago, we took him to downtown LA’s famed Bottega Louie and the only thing he wanted was all the colorful French macarons. We bought him half a dozen, which was over $15 and he finished them in less than a few bites. So French macarons have been my secret weapon for my son….whenever he does and accomplishes something amazing, he gets a French macaron as a reward. At over $3 a pop at bakeries or patisserie, it’s quite a hefty price tag, but a macaron is a macaron, and they are that precious!

Martha Stewart Living

French macarons can be challenging to make, that’s why I wanted to share with you a basic macaron recipe from Martha Stewart’s Living, March 2014 issue. You only need 4 basic ingredients to make macarons, and the filling can be your favorite ganache, buttercream, jam, chocolate, coconut, or raspberry.

Fill the filling between two macarons and you have the light-as-a-feather classic French treats that give your dessert a dose of sophistication. I will have to try this French macarons recipe soon and start making my son his favorite confection so I can save some money!

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  1. Hi dear! I love your recipes. I want to try cooking Thai & Malay foods but unfortunately we don’t have Asian stores here in Riyadh that sells herbs and spices. My friends and I will be in KL next week, is there any possibility that you can give me some tips where to buy cheap & complete Thai & Malay ingredients? Your response will be highly appreciated! :)

  2. Debbie

    Your recipe makes them look so simple. I will definitely have to try them. I do have one question. The macaroons in France are so beautiful and colorful, can you tell me what to use for coloring the meringue please?

  3. Tanya

    Hi! This recipe sounds so simple and I can’t wait to try. But I have almond flour–can I use that instead of grinding almonds? And if so, how much almond flour would I use instead of the 2/3 almonds? Thanks so much!

    • Joanna

      Almond flour/meal is perfectly fine. That is what you are making when a recipe calls for blanched almonds, put in a food processor :)

  4. Lenny

    Hi Tanya,
    Yes, you can use almond flour.the recipe calls for 71 grams. Mix the almond flour with confectioners’ sugar. Process until combine then follow Step No. 2. Even though you are using almond flour, they still have lumps and need to be processed and sieved. Good luck :)

  5. sim2311

    I would love to make these but my daughter has a severe nut allergy. Could I replace the almonds with something else for the same effect/taste?

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