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February 28th, 2013 16 Comments

Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs
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One of the favorite food of Mr. Rasa Malaysia is baby back ribs. He loves all sorts of ribs, but especially partial to Chinese-style ribs and American BBQ ribs. He doesn’t have much of an opinion whenever we dine out as I am always the ones who decide where we eat at, but whenever he is in the mood to take charge, his answer is pretty predictable: ribs. He has taken me and his friends to unknown restaurants at obscure places, for some hole-in-the-wall ribs. If there is one thing he is obsessed with when it comes to food, I think that would be it, and very lucky for us, our good friendĀ Slap Yo’ Daddy is one of the top BBQ pit masters in the US, and he would always bring us some of his award-winning and extremely delicious baby back ribs.

Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

TheseĀ honey-glazeed baby back ribs was prepared for him. I am not much a ribs person, other than using them to flavor my Chinese soups or stews, but I was pleasantly surprised with the sticky, gooey, and addictive great taste of this recipe. This honey-glazed baby back ribs recipe is adapted from the Food & Wine magazine. I love the addition of sambal oelek or chili-garlic sauce for a tint of spicy note.

Either way, Mr. Rasa Malaysia happily devoured the dish which was specially cooked for him. If you love yourself some Chinese/Asian-style good ribs, you can certainly try this recipe out!

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  1. Chris Sorel says:

    Harry has great rubs and perfect for some ribs

  2. Bonnie N says:

    I made a recipe of honey glazed baby backs last week. I doubled the amount of honey. These are delicious. Thank you for your recipe. I’ll use it next time. I do baby backs a couple of times a month.

    • Bonnie N says:

      If you peel off the membrane from the back of the ribs, the sauce gets to the meat better and just increases this lovely flavor.

  3. Susie Borromeo Milne via Facebook says:

    The kids would love these! Thanks

  4. I might end up cheating on my leftovers with a batch of these…

  5. This sounds like a very sweet recipe.

  6. Brian Lew via Facebook says:


  7. Charlemange Fezza via Facebook says:

    I have some BB ribs in my freezer, will give this a try.

  8. Jayne says:

    Love ribs! It’s amazing how flavourful ribs get after slow roasting.

  9. Et says:

    Wud luv to try the recipe, however, what is unsulfured molasses. Can I replace this ingredient with something else. Thank u.

  10. Denise Lynne May-McDonald via Facebook says:

    That combination sounds delicious. I’ll give this one a try too.

  11. Ribs must be one of the most manly things to prepare in the kitchen. Anything ribs with a touch asia goes down any day, if it’s good.

    Definitely gotta try this.

  12. Ernie says:

    Can I replace the honey with brown sugar?as I m allergy to honey….

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