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Kam Heong Clams (Golden Fragrant Clams)

Kam Heong Clams
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“Kam Heong” is a signature Malaysian stir-fry style that is renowned for the fragrance imparted during the cooking process, hence the Cantonese term “Kam Heong (金香)”, which means “Golden Fragrance”. This one-of-a-kind style of stir-frying incorporates ingredients from Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking to produce one of the most mouth-watering palate I have ever exposed my taste buds to.

The main ingredients that give the “Kam Heong” dish its unique taste are fiery bird’s eye chilies, aromatic curry leaves, crispy bits of dried shrimp, savory curry powder and soy bean paste. Stir-frying these ingredients together yields a sauce that goes well with chicken, crab, squid, shrimp, pork and especially clams. Kam Heong Clams (金香拉拉) or Kam Heong Lala (known in Malaysia) is one of the most popular hawker creations “Dai Pai Dong” (大排档) (Cantonese for “open-air food stall”). I have cooked plenty of styles in clam dishes, eg. Thai-style Hoy Lai Ped, Taiwanese-style Clams, Japanese-style Asari No Sakamushi, and Kam Heong Clams is by far my favorite recipe for clams.

Kam Heong Clams

Sometimes the most romantic setting for Valentine’s Day can be as simple as an exotic and seductive seafood dish and a bottle of wine. I am sure Kam Heong Clams is one of the dish to impress your loved one and hopefully you can make this in time for the special day, if not, any other day.

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  1. tigerstripedswan

    Hi, RM this sounds so delicious. Is fermented soy bean paste a type of miso paste? Please provide pictures or brands if possible. I don’t want to mess it up – 1.5 lbs is a lot of clams. Thanks!

    • Rasa Malaysia

      Its labeled ground soy beans or soybean paste, mostly packed in a glass jar. You can find them at the Asian grocery markets in the sauce section. Some brands may carry both ground and whole soy beans, eg. Yeo’s brand. If you choose whole soybeans, you have to mash or ground them into paste.

    • Rasa Malaysia

      You can find them mostly at the Indian grocery store. Substituting curry leaves will totally alter the taste of an authentic Kam Heong Clams dish. However, you can get creative and create a whole entire dish with, lets say mint or basil. You can give it a try and see how it pans out.

  2. I remember enjoying a Kam Heong La La dish on my mother’s birthday. Wasn’t exactly crazy about it as I don’t like clams, but hey, give me Kam Heong Chicken anytime! Bee, I’ll apply your recipe on chicken instead :D

  3. I just bumped in your blog looking for clams recipes. I really like them. But those clams look much bigger than British clams. Can you tell me the clam variety or for which area of the country are?. Thank you

  4. martin fischer

    Is there a substitute for dried shrimp? I am allergic to shrimp. Is fish sauce a consideration? I can tolerate it. Thanks, Marty Fischer

    • Rasa Malaysia

      I don’t think there’s any other ingredient to replace the dried shrimp flavor. You can omit it, and your wonderful suggestion of using fish sauce is a great idea. I say we give it a go!

    • Rasa Malaysia

      You need to register with Rasamalaysia to enable to print the recipe, else just use print screen function.

  5. Cassandra Yeo

    Hi! About the chilli just chop will do? Or its better put into food processor to make it into paste m puree? Thanks!

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