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    • Thanks for the nice comment! Yes, pan-frying is a common cooking method for Korean dumplings as well. In fact, I pan-fry quite often because it’s my son’s favorite way to eat dumplings. If you are going to pan-fry, half-moon shaped dumplings would be easier to cook. Enjoy!

  1. I hope you can publish a picture of the wrapper being shaped into the moon shape. This is a mew shape for me and I am not so confident on making it from thr description.

    • It’s actually really easy! First, make a half-moon shape. Next, bring the two ends of the half moon together, making a round shape, so the end parts overlap. Use water or egg wash as glue. Press the overlapped part tightly. If this is hard, simply make it into a half moon shape. Mandu will still be delicious. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. Are the dumpling wrappers round or square to begin with? I would really like to try this but was unsure about the wrapping process.

  3. Brilliant!
    As a Korean, I am so impressed by this recipe!
    and the shape is perfect. which means you will or already have a handsome son!

  4. Can you use something else other than kimchee? I did some research and found out what kimchee was and I don’t think I would like it that much. Is there any other type of filler I could substitute?

  5. Hii lov ed ur recipes love them,chinise recipes on ur site are YUMM..Is it possible for to give a demo of how to make the dumplings :) wud really appriciate .:) Thanx alott for sharin ur wonderful n easy recipes ..It Makes the Kitchen Queen :D at my place and im proud of meeself ..Thanx

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