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Mini Egg Cake (鸡蛋糕)

Traditional Mini Egg Cake
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My friend CP is a fantastic baker. She always posts her beautiful baking recipes on Facebook. A few weeks ago, I asked her if she would be willing to share some of her recipes with the readers of Rasa Malaysia and she gladly said yes. I chose four baking recipes from her, which I will be posting in the next few weeks. They are all great stuff, and I hope you will love what she shares with us.

This mini egg cake or 鸡蛋糕 caught my attention when I was going through her photos. These mini cakes were my favorite when I was growing up as my mother would always buy them from the market, and I would snack on it the whole day: breakfast, tea, and supper, or whenever I am hungry. So this recipe does bring a lot of childhood memories back.

Mini Egg Cake

My friend CP told me that she adapted the recipe from a baking book by a very popular Malaysian baker. It is an easy recipe and takes less than 1 hour, so everyone can make this. There are no special ingredients involved so there is no need to stock up on new ingredients. Trust me, these mini egg cakes are soft, pillowy, and absolutely tasty. Enjoy!

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  1. Pey-Lih

    This is interesting! I have not seen this before. Is this equivalent to popovers? Just curious. I will make this recipe…looks very simple. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna Bell

    I agree with Betty Raymer. Translate into US measurements????

    Also, what is castor sugar? Can the regular sugar work?

  3. TorontoViewer

    Sounds interesting. I’m going to try it! Do you think it would taste better with a touch of vanilla extract?

  4. Maria

    Hey, this is looking very yummi. Would you say it would also taste good with butter? If regular oil is a better option, will sun flower oil do?
    Thanks! :)

  5. Kris

    Are these cakes similar to sponge cakes. My kids and I love to get the sponge cakes when we go to chinatown

  6. Carmen

    Any ideas on how I may purchase the individual 3.75 X 2-inch flora cupcake moulds that CP used? Who is the manufacturer? A Google search got me nowhere. They are adorable!

  7. Yeni

    Just made this one but didn’t check the comment section – I substituted icing sugar for castor sugar since it has the “fine” in it.. disastrous! the cupcake taste and look like dried cotton candy :(

  8. I used to love these too. It’s either the Chinese styled baked egg cakes or the Malay kuih bahulu. Both are my favourite. I found the steaming one quite finicky because I can’t seem to figure out how to adjust my cooking time. I have got to try this. Pinning!

  9. Ally

    These look like a dessert served at a local Chinese restaurant called Love Cake. They are very moist and tender; delicious. Is it possibly the same thing?

  10. Nur Ainee Muhammad


    Just like to share what I know.

    Castor sugar — you CANNOT substitute this with icing sugar as you need the sugar crystals to dissolve while whisking as this assists in the leavening (rising) of the cake later in the oven.

    No you can’t substitute the all – purpose flour with wholemeal flour . You will not get a cake for sure. Flours have gluten and this differs greatly with different types of flour.

    The addition of oil versus that of butter will give you a different texture. If you like for better flavour, you can perhaps melt the butter first. Adding fat in solid vs liquid form gives a very different result in tge final texture of the cake.

    Hope my sharing helps.

    Im going to try it this weekend.

    Thanks Bee and CP for sharing.


  11. easterquiatchon

    good evening, the recipe is quite simple… the moment i saw it i try it immediately but it doesn’t look the same in the picture. the taste is similar scramble egg. how would i achieve same finish product the ways you posted?

  12. Jeannii Colbourne

    This little cake reminds me of those small ones I ate growing up in Penang called Kueh Bulu or am I wrong to think that. I generally don’t like Asian cakes as they are too sweet & the flavours are very one dimensional . I am so pleased someone thought of using Daun pandan as a flavour & I am looking forward to trying it. How about using durians ?? I often make Curry puffs & I can eat the lot in one sitting . Can anyone advise me as to where I can get hold of Buah keras / candle nut . How long is one supposed to soak it for before use & do I have to grind it before I use it to cook. Thanks

  13. Geri

    When I read “egg cake” I thought it might be something I order at the Asian restaurants in town. I’m asking a favor do you have a mini cake like your recipe only it’s light like a souffle. It is baked in rice paper or phyllo dough (squares or rounds) which are placed in muffin tins the edges stick up over the tin muffin cups. Lightly sweetened with a egg lemony flavor. Enjoy all of your recipes and other great information. Thanks

    • Angela Sciurca

      It seems you are looking for the Portugese Egg Tarts that the restaurants serve. My Chinese rest. serves them made in phylo wrappers and they have pineapple bits in them. If you google Egg Tarts you will find many versions.

  14. zaidey

    Mrs Bee, is this is in anyway related to kuih bahulu/kueh baulu? the recipe is quite similar it seems?

  15. mee

    I just made these tonight. I also thought they would be like those “paper wrapped cakes” from Asian bakery. After taste testing the finished product, it reminded me of egg rolls cookie. Yummy nonetheless.

  16. Kelly Tring


    Love it look so yummy.
    Can you please tell me where can I purchase those mini cupcake mold?


  17. Paul

    I so much appreciate the metric values, the American system is so pathetically out of date, so hideously inaccurate. Thank you.

  18. Anita Yee via Facebook

    Looks good! I noticed on the recipe that it just says oil for one of the ingredients. Which type of oil do you recommend to use?

  19. Joy

    Mine was also a bit hard. Could it be that I over-baked it or over-whisked the mixture? Delicious nonetheless, but not soft and pillowy. Definitely trying again when I miss some childhood food!

    • Joy

      I tried these again. And I succeeded. I had whipped the eggs with a mixer the first time. This time, I whipped with all my arms’ strength at medium speed. Never knew I could do that with all my might~ Yummy!

  20. dan

    I made this recipe last Saturday. It was a nice cake consistency that tasted like sweet eggs. Mines took longer than 20 minutes to bake. Maybe it was because I was using a large toaster oven but it was fine. I put a few drops of olive oil in the foil cups before putting the batter in there. It ended up making 15 muffins.

  21. Jessica

    Hi Bee,

    Do you happen to know where your friend gets the cake tins/moulds? I could not find them even on Amazon.


  22. doris

    Hi. Tried your recipe with some modification.
    Used super fine flour instead as I don’t have baking powder, the cake turned out so nice (crisp at the outer layer but soft inside). Will try again tonight with baking powder to see the result.
    Lovely, my families loved it. Finished all of them rigth after baking.

  23. AsTheNight

    I made these today – quite easy, very nice! They have a sweet/dense/light taste that I found a bit unusual, but in a very good way. Thanks!

  24. Niki Loh

    I’ve ran out of all-purpose flour so I used self-raising flour and omit baking powder. When I checked them at 18 mins, it was already done and it is a tad dry (should have check at 15 mins). It tasted nice but I might eat it warmed up with a little jam.

    BTW, I’ve bought your cookbook and I love it, it is the most used cookbook. I’m looking forward for your next cookbook and I’m hoping that you’ll do a Malaysian cookbook. Keep going with what you are doing because you are fabulous at it.

  25. Carol

    I am of fun of yours and followed your site wherever I am. I love this recipe. It is not sweet. Its just right. Merci!

  26. Melissa

    Just baked this. It is delicious, I finished 3 in 5 minutes, too much huh. hahaha… I used olive oil and reduce 1 oz of sugar, my doctor told me to go slow on sugar… not doing so good with sugar today, anyway, will bake this again very soon and this time I use butter. Thanks Bee for sharing and I love all your recipes. You are awsome!

  27. Millicent

    I made this today and mine turned out quite dry and too sweet. I was expecting a soft and fluff texture. How should the texture be anyway? If this recipe is anything like (or close to) those Malaysian egg cake that I used to have as a child then mine was a disappointment. I wonder what went wrong with mine. Besides, I think this recipe could do with a bit less sugar.

    • Yeak

      Yeah this recipe definitely is wrong. First the sugar amount too much. I have cut to 80g only. Next, shifting in flour turn fluffy beaten eggs no longer fluffy. Like dough. Add oil last make it even doughy. The result of the baking… hard like stone. I think must beat yolk and white separately and fold in stiff egg white last, same method like doing chiffon cake. Will try this later and see if that work as expected.

      • Hi Yeak, this recipe has been tested twice and it works fine and many people who have tried had success. Sugar – the sweetness level of sugar used might be different from countries to countries. Hope it works for you the next time.

        • Yeak

          Thanks for your assurance that this method work. I tried again and found my earlier mistakes. This time I see something I have never seen before! This time the batter come out alright and I am too excited to write this comment. I learn baking myself without attending any class. So cannot imagine what it would be like or any special technique. Thanks again. It works. :-)

  28. bhua

    hi bee, i had tried this recipe twice but don’t understand why it always ended up to be hard. pls enlighten me.

    • Cin

      Perhaps you don’t remove them from the mould immediately after baking, or maybe the oven temperature is off? Start checking on them before time. When I bake and it turns out hard it is usually because of that.

  29. Tingting

    Hi just wanted to say your site has been a savior ever since I’ve been Down Under these past few months! Tried baking this today, like the previous comment said mine were also crisp on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside, absolutely delicious! Yup at first touch I was quite worried that they felt so hard but munching into one all my worries evaporated :)

  30. Yewns

    Hi from Johor Baru, Bee!
    Tried this recipe and the cake turned out fluffy but the tops browned nicely but it was a bit “crispy” a bit meringue-ish in texture. I reduced the sugar to 180gm as it is ..
    Any steer on what I should do to have the cakes turn up like yours?
    Ribuan Terima Kasih.

  31. Jean


    You mentioned whisking the eggs and sugar till light and fluffy, may I know what that means? What do I look out for? Is it to beat the eggs and sugar till pale in colour and ribbon stage?

    Thank you. =)

  32. Vivien

    I tried it, it did not turn out as nice as the ones in the picture…what’s good was it was not that sweet, but I am not sure how it should taste like, is it like “kueh bolu”?

  33. Ann

    Dear Bee,
    Do you think this tin tart pans is alright to use for this mini egg cake? I just found at William Sonoma website. Thanks
    Gobel Traditional Finish Brioche Pan, 3 1/4″, Set of 6

  34. saraswathy

    Hi, can use the normal size love or round baking tin, or even do it as cup cake by pouring it in cup cake paper

  35. Sharon

    So far, I have only see beat eggs and sugar till thick and pale yellow. Your receipe called for “light and fluffy”.

    Can you advice me how can I tell if is light and fluffy stage (Eg, if ridges is form, estimated how many minutes of beating time to reach that stage)

    Thank you so much.

    • Emmy

      Wait! So are we supposed to beat the eggs and sugar until pale thick and yellow (5 minutes beating time)? Or just until combined (2 minutes beating time).
      PLZ reply ASAP Bee!
      I really wanna make this cake, but I’m very confused on the steps with the beating the sugar and eggs.


  36. Joanne

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I used organic brown sugar instead but need longer time to whisk as brown sugar is moist and not that fine. I cut down the sugar content to 175g but still a bit sweet for me. Maybe next time I will try 150g. Simple and great one for family.

  37. Jessie

    Hi Bee,

    How to make the recipe light & fluffy? Is it the same way as making the Chiffon cake? beat till it can stand? please elaborate more on this step. Thanks!

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