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Mini Quiches

Mini Quiche - the BEST & easiest quiche you'll ever make, in mini size. So creamy, rich, delicious with this fool-proof mini quiche recipe |


Mini Quiches Recipe

Make 12 | Prep Time: 25 minutes | Bake Time: 18-20 minutes
Adapted from 200 Recipes for Kids by Emma Jane Frost


2-3 slices deli ham, diced
3 scallions, chopped (save 1 teaspoon for garnish)
5 cherry tomatoes, diced
1 extra large eggs or 2 regular-sized eggs
3/8 cup (90g) milk
Vegetable oil for greasing
11-12oz ready rolled short/pie pastry, thawed (follow the instruction on the package)
All purpose flour, for dusting
1/3 cup grated cheese (cheddar/mozzarella)


Mix together the diced ham, chopped scallions and diced cherry tomatoes in a bowl. In another bowl, beat the egg and milk with a fork. Chill these ingredients as you prepare the pastry.

Preheat the oven to 425°F (210°C). Grease a 12-tin mini muffin pan.

Sprinkle a little all purpose flour on surface, roll out the pastry. If the pastry cracks when rolling out, use your fingers and slightly pinch to seal the crack.

Use a 3″ (7.5cm) round cutter. Cut out 12 circles and place each in a cup of the pan. Gently press down with your finger to form a shallow cup.

Divide the mixture of ham, scallions and tomatoes equally among the 12 cups. Fill each cup with the egg and milk mixture until 80-90% full. Sprinkle the cheese on top.

Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the mini quiches are set and golden. Garnish with some chopped scallions. Serve warm.

Cook’s Note:

If you don’t have a 3″ cookie cutter, use the rim of a drinking glass or container that is slightly wider than the cup in the pan.

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  1. hmm. For parties. I’m not a party guy, and I certainly don’t like the party life style. But when having guests over i think i would have made Chicken Satay skewers with cashew nut sauce (tastes equally good with cashews, but doesn’t cause me any allergy), Yakitori skewers, Chicken Tikka skewers. anything that’s easy to cook for many people.

    Anything BBQ-able tend to be a preference to serve:)

    Tom Kha Gai have also been a hit on cold winter days as it’s easy to prepare for several people as it’s boiled.

  2. sawhster

    Tried this out yesterday with puff pastry – very tasty! Hits the right balance. Thanks for having such reliable recipes time after time.

  3. Lynn

    Hi Bee,

    1. What kind of milk should we use?
    Low fat or full cream etc?
    2. Which brand of ready rolled pastry did you use?
    Can we find it at FairPrice, Singapore?

  4. Robin

    Only 1 egg for 12 regular size cupcakes? It doesn’t seem like enough. I have made a similar recipe before, no crust to cut back on calories.

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