Mini Quiches
Mini Quiches
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Quiche is French pastry crust filled with  savory egg custard made with cheese, eggs, ham, meat or vegetables. My co-worker introduced me to quiche many years ago and I have been hooked on quiche since. Quiche is something that I can eat on a daily basis, with some salad, and preferably with a serving of French onion soup. I simply adore the crumbly texture of the pastry crust and the rich, creamy, and utterly delicious filling.

Mini Quiches

If you eat out or buy from French bakeries, quiche can be quite big. That’s why I love mini quiches—miniature quiche filled with the same ingredients albeit a much smaller size. The smaller package makes mini quiches a perfect party food that everyone can just pick up and savor as a finger food, for the holiday parties.

Another bonus of being small, even the picky toddlers and eaters at your home can enjoy it. It’s packed with lots of high-energy ingredients, but more importantly, they are absolutely appetizing and I am sure that the kids will enjoy it as much as an adult this holiday season.

RECIPE HERE: Mini Quiches
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  1. Helen Toy via Facebook says:

    looks delicious! =)

  2. hmm. For parties. I’m not a party guy, and I certainly don’t like the party life style. But when having guests over i think i would have made Chicken Satay skewers with cashew nut sauce (tastes equally good with cashews, but doesn’t cause me any allergy), Yakitori skewers, Chicken Tikka skewers. anything that’s easy to cook for many people.

    Anything BBQ-able tend to be a preference to serve:)

    Tom Kha Gai have also been a hit on cold winter days as it’s easy to prepare for several people as it’s boiled.

  3. anjali says:

    Love this! Can you make these in advance and re-heat them?

  4. Jayne says:

    This is so cute. I like that I can use a store-bought pastry crust and then just pour in the egg mixture. Cuts a lot of prep time.

  5. Aisha Choo via Facebook says:

    Looks delicious! I will definitely try out this recipe :)

  6. sawhster says:

    Tried this out yesterday with puff pastry – very tasty! Hits the right balance. Thanks for having such reliable recipes time after time.

  7. Loveyee says:

    Make this for a crowd. All love it including kids!

  8. Brenda says:

    Any other alternative beside scallop?

  9. Lynn says:

    Hi Bee,

    1. What kind of milk should we use?
    Low fat or full cream etc?
    2. Which brand of ready rolled pastry did you use?
    Can we find it at FairPrice, Singapore?

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