Paper-wrapped Mini Sponge Cake
August 25th, 2013 31 Comments

Paper-wrapped Mini Sponge Cake

Paper Wrapped Mini Sponge Cakes
Paper Wrapped Mini Sponge Cakes pictures (1 of 4)

Remember the mini egg cake recipe I posted a couple of months ago? Many people left comments and tried the recipe, and everyone was asking me about the paper-wrapped mini sponge cake recipe that ones get at Asian-style bakery shops. You know, those cute cup-shaped cake that is spongy, soft, airy, light, and oh-so-good at tea time, or breakfast time? Yes, I’ve got you covered as I have invited my contributor CP Choong back to share this mini sponge cake recipe with you.

Paper-wrapped Mini Sponge Cake

I love this mini sponge cake very much. Every time I go to Asian bakery shops, I would always pick up a couple of these. They are not greasy, and not too dense, so I feel less guilty eating them because they are probably lower in calories (I might be completely wrong but it appears so). Plus, the paper-wrapped/paper-cup shape is always such an eye-candy, and I just can’t help picking them up.

Anyway, my contributor CP Choong told me that she learned this recipe from a Chinese language website. After a few attempts, she has perfected this recipe. When I was home earlier this year, I was lucky to taste these sponge cakes that she made. They were absolutely delightful, and taste exactly the same as the ones you get at bakery shops.

Try out if you love them. Enjoy!

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  1. Beverly says:

    In the recipe it calls for “corn flour”. Is that the same as corn starch, the stuff we thicken gravy with? I’ve never seen corn flour. Thanks!

  2. Perfect and cute little sponge cakes, Bee! Pinned!!

  3. oh these sponge cakes look so lovely wrapped up in paper,deliciously tender :-)

  4. peirong says:

    Just curious if I can use plain flour instead of cake flour? Thanks!

  5. Vivienne says:

    How long will these sponge cakes keep fresh?

  6. Gwen in L.A. says:

    What is the size of the eggs called for in the recipe?
    A volume or weight quantity for the egg whites would be most welcome.

    Looking forward to trying this recipe!

  7. I can blindly follow your recipe and it comes out perfect everytime. I love this. Pinning it.

  8. Betsi says:

    Please put US measurements….. Thank you

  9. G’day and yum, TRUE!
    Love how something so simple can provide the most food pleasure…I enjoy these topped with fruit too!
    Cheers! Joanne
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  10. Jayne says:

    Interesting that cornflour is used. Does it give a lighter texture compared to using all normal flour?

  11. Elsie says:

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I have been away from home for so long and miss this cake. Do you beat the egg white until soft peaks and do you just fold in the egg yolks in one batch? Can’t wait to try out this recipe

  12. Shanti says:

    Hi Bee,

    I’ve tried this recipe and the other mini egg tarts.
    Those were rising well at first, but after put them out from the oven, it started to deflate.
    The recipe a bit similar with the chiffon cake recipe. Any tips for that?


    • Connie says:

      Did you pierce your cake with skewer to check if it’s cooked?If you do that with sponge cakes, they’ll normally deflate and collapse. The best way to check is to gently press the top of the cake with finger, and if it springs back without leaving a dent then your cake will be done and you won’t find it deflating as much as in using skewers.Hope this helps.

  13. Lily says:

    please put us measurement, thank you so much!

  14. Sharon says:

    In the first step when you said “beat till peak form”, is that soft peak (where the peak comes up with a slightly curl) or stiff speak (where the peak stand straight up and egg whites doesn’t slide from bowl when tilrt)?

    Appreciate your advice

  15. christine says:

    Please can you tell me what is Castor Sugar. Here is my email address: Thank You

  16. angel says:

    I just made these cupcakes and they tasted really good! But they deflated when I took them out of the pan. Is there any way to prevent that?

  17. Faith says:

    Not sure what I did wrong.. The cake turned out to be flat and a bit wet.. It looked like pancake. Any tips on where I might have done wrongly here?

  18. KIM says:

    Can I pls know how
    To melt the butter cos when
    I bake the butter sank at the bottom
    Making it oily & heavy

  19. bernadette says:

    Your recipes are truly beautiful and easy to follow.Please where can i get the paper cups used for the paper wrapped sponge cakes?

  20. Cortney says:

    Will this recipe work in a full cake size? Similar to the cakes they sell at the Chinese bakery? I’m trying to find a recipe that is like the ones I can find in the bakery, but the ones I’ve tried/found are still too dense. Thanks!

  21. Ps says:

    My cake rise up nicely but it deflate when I remove it from oven.any tips?

  22. Victoria says:

    I tried the recipe. It tastes good but not fluffy. It lumps at the bottom. Any advice?

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