Peanut Dumplings (花生汤圆)
Peanut Dumplings
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I hope you have had a lot of fun following my Lunar New Year series. To close this festive celebration on a sweet note, here is the much-loved and popular peanut dumplings (花生汤圆) recipe, served in a ginger syrup. If you remember, I posted the popular black sesame dumpling recipe a few years ago (which caused quite a big stir not too long ago) and these peanut dumplings recipe is high on the requested recipe list.

Anyway, Chinese New Year celebration is incomplete without a serving of sweet dessert, for example: Longan Tong Sui Dessert, which was my late mother’s favorite. Peanut dumplings are just perfect as a dessert for Chinese New Year dinner, or as an offering to guests who come to visit during the celebration.

Peanut Dumplings (花生汤圆)

I wanted to wish you all happy dragon year and that the new year brings you abundance of joy, great health and prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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  1. Gio says:

    I’m intrigued by the recipe! I think this is similar to buchi and motse, and i’d like to give these a try! :D Peanut butter always makes everything better! :D

  2. The flavour combination of peanut and ginger intrigues me – I can see myself making these sometime. :)

  3. Royal says:

    hi! I’m wondering…can I freeze them? Is it gonna be the same tastes as the first batch? coz I heard from other people that u can’t freeze them it should be eaten right away?!

  4. renee says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!!! Dragon Year!!!

  5. Yoshi says:

    Your black sesame dumplings are delicious and I am sure these will be too. Try steaming your black sesame dumplings for 8 minutes and then roll in peanut powder. Yummy! At the restaurant, you can order these as Chinese mochi.

  6. zenchef says:

    Gong Hey Fat Choy, Bee!

    Not bad for a gwei lo, eh? :P

  7. oooo ive been waiting to find a recipe for this, forever!!! Thank you!

  8. Babi Turlea via Facebook says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

  9. Happy Dragon Year to you, too! :)

  10. Peter Pantry Raider says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to all and especially to Baby G.

  11. babe_kl says:

    Wishing you and your family a roaring success, great health, peace, harmony and a compassionate spirit as we welcome the year of the dragon! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  12. I think tong yuan (dumplings) are great for CNY you’ve gotta have some ~ and i really like your Lunar Year recipes :D

  13. Amanda says:

    Oh, I’ve been hoping you would do a peanut dumpling recipe! I’ve tried frozen ones from the store, but I love the opportunity to cook them myself (when energy allows). I’m pretty sure I have all of these ingredients at home (except for the syrup), so I might make these soon!

  14. These peanut dumplings look wonderful!
    Happy Lunar New Year!

  15. Ngoc says:

    Happy New Year, Bee!
    We also have this for New Year too, but with mung bean and taro for the filling.

  16. Wendy says:

    Hi, i tried out the recipe and used sticky rice flour for the dumplings skin. However, after boiling for about 15-20 mins, it did not float, so i tasted it and it’s hard. It feels like it’s not cook, so i boil it longer and after an hour, it still didn’t float! The dumplings started cracking after that. It tasted a little softer but not chewy and soft enough. I follow the recipe step by step. Everything went well until the boiling part. What could i have done wrong?

  17. Sweet Tim says:

    Hey Bee, I’m making the same dessert this week, for a sweet start to the year of the Dragon! But I usually prefers to sprinkle over the soup with ground peanuts, the way my grandma used to make it.

  18. Tony says:

    It look like Indian resgulla but the recipe is totally different, I will try in my home.

  19. corvettee92 says:

    Are the ground peanuts salted or unsalted?

  20. Amy says:

    Hi, how much is one cup? Any estimated weigh or ml or something? Thanks.

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