Pecan Sandies
December 12th, 2012 7 Comments

Pecan Sandies

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My holiday baking continues today with pecan sandies, one of the classic cookies for the holidays. Everyone loves buttery and crumbly cookies and these pecan sandies are made with finely chopped pecans, butter, and all-purpose flour and dusted with powdered sugar for extra sweetness.

I have never made pecan sandies before so I referred to a cookie magazine I got while shopping—100 Best Cookies 2012 magazine. The magazine is graced with all festive cookies and I basically wanted to try making everyone of them. I am a big fan of butter cookies and my son has acquired a liking for them. In fact, he only loves the cookies I bake.


Anyway, here is the pecan sandies recipe. This recipe is definitely a keeper. For the dusting of powdered sugar, you can do without it as the cookies are already sweet enough. However, if you want your pecan sandies to look even more tantalizing, lightly dust them with some powdered sugar, just like how I did on the photos above. Have fun and enjoy holiday baking!

RECIPE HERE: Pecan Sandies
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  1. Tasha D'Cruz via Facebook says:

    not cookies but pineapple tarts

  2. Emiko Oonk via Facebook says:

    Decorated sugar cookies, of course!
    Also, this doesn’t fall into the cookie category, but each year I try to challenge myself with a new recipe and this year will be French canelĂ©s, my current obsession.

  3. Betty Kurniawan Chu via Facebook says:

    pineapple cookies and shortbread cookies :)

  4. Nelly Ahmad via Facebook says:

    Almond cream cheese cookie

  5. Jayne says:

    Hmmm… never had anything like this before! We almost always either have almond or peanut cookies. This is a nice change of pace.

  6. Jerry says:

    I like your food very much.You are very good

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