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Kabocha Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Are you still looking for last-minute recipes for Thanksgiving?

Look no further as I have the PERFECT pumpkin pie recipe—with a nice Asian twist—made with kabocha squash, which is a Japanese variety of squash. The recipe came from my good friends Jared and Alice at Eat A Duck I Must. Team Eat A Duck shot the most beautiful pictures in my cookbook: the ingredients shots. They also created my cookbook promo video (including a cute blooper reel), which can be seen here. If you go to Eat A Duck I Must and browse their recipes, you will know that this pumpkin pie recipe is exactly what you need to impress your family and guest this Turkey Day.

The kabocha squash is sweeter than a regular pumpkin so it yields a silkier, richer, and sinfully decadent taste. The end result is a pumpkin pie that tastes almost like a custard, even close to a creme brulee. It’s a staple at the Team Eat A Duck household and have won many praises as the best-ever pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving.

Give their recipe a try this week and happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Shirley

    Genius idea! Who would’ve thought of using kabocha squash to replace pumpkin in pumpkin pies? Love the sweet taste & texture of kabocha.

  2. Debra Hartmann

    I could skip the rest of the dinner and just go for that yummy-looking slice of pie! happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your blog!

  3. Andi

    Hi, just wondering what spices and quantities are in the ‘pumpkin pie spice’, as I’m in New Zealand, so it would be hard to find here :) Will be googling a recipe for the graham cracker crust too as I doubt we have that here also.

  4. I love how you laid out your shots. The little pretty autumn leaves completed the picture. Also, thanks for the substitution of kabocha squash. I can’t seem to find sugar pumpkins in Malaysia, much less pumpkin puree! I’d probably have to try sweet potato puree!

  5. amy

    Where does the sweetened condensed milk go? I just made this pie but didn’t add it. Was it supposed to be part of the “cream” mixture? The recipe doesn’t say. My pies are in the oven now. I hope the omission isn’t fatal.

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