Snow Skin Mooncake (冰皮月饼)
August 31st, 2011 41 Comments

Snow Skin Mooncake (冰皮月饼)

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Snow Skin Mooncake (冰皮月饼)


Snow Skin Mooncake Recipe

Makes 8 Mooncakes


Mooncake Skin

130g Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (Gao Fen) Sifted
160g powdered sugar
130 ml boiled carrot, dragonfruit juice or screwpine leaves juice
2 Tbsp fresh milk
1 Tbsp shortening (I use Crisco)


1 kg Moocake paste  (Red Bean, Lotus, Green tea)
80g melon seeds (lightly toasted)

Note: The filling is available at bakery supply shop in Malaysia and Singapore. For those of you who wants to make the lotus paste, you can get the recipe from here.


Squeeze the juice and heat till boiling point. Cool the juice in fridge for about 4-6 hours.
Sieve together the icing sugar and cooked glutinous flour.
Add in the shortening. Combine until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.
Add in the juice and milk. Mix to a soft and smooth dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
Divide the dough in 60g and roll into a ball. Wrap each ball with cling wrap until ready to use.

Add melon seeds to mooncake paste.
Roll it tightly into a ball of 120g each.

To make Mooncakes


Lightly dust hands with cooked glutinous rice flour. Flatten the dough. Place the filling into the center of the dough.
Wrapped it up tightly and seal the edges.
Put in a floured mooncake mould. Tap and remove it.
Chill for at least 6 hours before serving.

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41 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Su-yin says:

    Oooh. I miss mooncakes! I want to make my own but not sure if I can handle making my own lotus paste from scratch, lol. Thanks for the recipe though, will come in handy if I do end up making some.

  2. renee says:

    it looks great, where did you find the mold? thanks

  3. jackie says:

    These are absolutely beautiful and all natural too! I’m here in the States and am wondering what dragonfruit and screwpine leaves juices are. I know what dragonfruit and screwpine leaves are themselves, just am not familiar with “juice”. Are these easily found in the States in that form are is this something we make? Thanks for the great post!

  4. Oh Bee, these mooncakes are beautiful! I will have to try making some of these myself.

    Where can you find the mooncake molds? And how did you extract the juice from the dragonfruit and screwpine leaves? Did you juice them yourself?

    • siewloon says:

      Melissa, mooncake moulds can be found at Chinese grocery shops at this time of the year or any shops specializing in baking materials.
      I use a juicer to extract the juice.

  5. Manish Khatri via Facebook says:

    nom nom nom

  6. Sri says:

    Where do I buy cooked glutinous rice flour from? I have never seen it in supermarkets or provision shops in my country.

  7. StillTraveller says:

    Oh these are stunning! Will definitely have to try them for this year’s Autumn Moon.

  8. Lydia says:

    The mooncakes look so pretty. I can’t find any snow skin mooncake here in US. Anyone know if any store in Texas sells the paste? How do you cook the glutinous rice flour? Thanks!

  9. Lynx says:

    Very nice! Can I substitute the Crisco for something else? I’m not fond of the grease idea. Yet would love to try it out! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for sharing your recipe and the aunty yochana moon cake / lotus paste recipe. It was very interesting to learn how traditional Chinese moon cakes are made.

  11. Elaine Xie via Facebook says:

    beautiful and looks yummy…I love mooncakes and Asian sweets!

  12. Jen L says:

    how do you cook the glutinous flour?

  13. Hi, it is so nice. I do want to make it for moon cake day.

  14. saychinso says:

    dear bee,
    i find your blog very interesting. making mooncake is definitely taking food interest to the ultimate. keep up the fun work . saychin.

  15. SparklingRachel says:

    I’m so excited to try this….it looks so yummy and colorful!

  16. Sookie says:

    I love snowskin mooncake! Ingredients and mold are the main factor for holding me back to make.. Bee, can I pan-fried (low heat) Glutinous Rice Flour to substitute Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (Gao Fen)?
    For those who wanted to know the steps, here is the video but in Cantonese:

  17. I snow skin mooncake, from the picture wow!! great love to try one..yum yum

  18. wow the mid-autumn moon cake…. looks yummy.

  19. wow the mid-autumn moon cake…. looks yummy.

  20. absolutely craving, thanks to this recipe, I’ve got mold ordered!

  21. Manda says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  22. Delicious looking moon cakes Bee! So nostalgic :) I’ve always loved eating lotus seed moon cakes.

  23. Ellena says:

    Love the natural colours from the fruits and veggies and I am sure yours will taste great with those generous amt of fillings!!!! Yum YuM!

  24. LeeLee says:

    Hi… just to double your recipe… it says kou fen 1300g… is that correct?… seems a bit too much as compare to the ratio with other ingredients. Is it a typo? Please let me know. Thanks. LeeLee :-)

  25. Shirley says:

    The colors are so beautiful compared to traditional mooncakes. I don’t think I’ll ever attempt my own, but I enjoy looking through your photos.

  26. This Mooncake recipe looks so easy to do ! I didn’t think it could be done so simply. I have all the ingredients in my pantry, so I must try this one right away. Thanks for sharing! I love your site and will be back for more soon!

  27. Ching says:

    Just made the snow skin mooncakes! They taste amazing – their skin is smooth, silk and spring-y! It’s as good as store bought, if not better. Thank you Bee for sharing the recipe! To make things easier, I actually substituted lotus paste with store bought red bean paste, and salty egg yolk on the inside :D

  28. Frank Chin says:

    How do you cook Glutinous Rice Flour?

  29. annalo says:

    Dear Rasa,
    I am curios about the glutinous rice u mentioned cook. Do I just use a wok and pour glutinous rice flour in the wok and stir the flour with high heat??

  30. Kit says:

    Hi there! can you advise on where one can buy lotus paste in northern california or online (within the US)? i can’t seem to find any resources. Thanks in advance!

  31. pearly says:

    Hi.. the juice is for the coloring of the skin right? Can i replace them with water and essence instead? cheers!

  32. Jean says:

    Hi Rasa,

    I wanted to ask, Is your portion for a medium, small or large mooncake? So I know which mould to get. Thanks!!

  33. tammy says:

    I did tried, but the liquid is too much…. thanks

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