Soto Ayam Recipe

Soto AyamPlease welcome my friend F at Salt N Turmeric to Rasa Malaysia today as she shares her killer recipe of Soto Ayam with us. Soto Ayam is basically chicken soup and it’s very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. There are various adaptations of Soto Ayam in the region but Salt N Turmeric’s version is simply scrumptious. If you wish to learn more about Malay cooking, Salt N Turmeric offers lots of delicious Malay/Malaysian recipes.

Soto Ayam
Guest Writer: Salt N Turmeric

Hi all! Today, I am the guest writer at Rasa Malaysia. Some of you may have already known me and some have not. If you are a regular at my blog, you will see that I tended to cook more Malaysian food than anything else. I am still an amateur when it comes to cooking. However there is one dish that I promise once you have tasted my recipe, you will want more, that is Soto Ayam.

For New Year’s eve, Michael and I were invited to Rasa Malaysia’s place. As usual, it was a pot luck party and everybody would bring something to the table. I was requested to make soto ayam. At first I was surprised since it was only recently at my Raya Open House that I made this dish but I cannot blame her, my soto ayam is dangerously addictive! You can enjoy it with rice cakes or vermicelli noodle or both.

Do try out my Soto Ayam recipe and experience it for yourself!

RECIPE HERE: Soto Ayam Recipe
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome Salt N Turmeric. This soto ayam looks so hearty.

  2. worldwindows says:

    Love the the smell and the taste of spices in the soup!

  3. wmw says:

    Looks great…a great start for the new year!

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    love it with the pulut..instead of the usual bee hoon..

  5. kang at LE says:

    looks great, I remember I used to have this for breakfast every morning when I was in school :D

    kang at

  6. OkiHwn says:

    Coincidently, the New York Times has a story and a recipes of Soto Ayam today.

  7. Kai says:

    Yes madam, your design is coming soon!

  8. bananablossom says:

    Dear Rasa Malaysia,

    My Deepest sympathies to you and your family. Hope you find comfort and peace in this difficult time.

    Hello Salt N Turmeric:

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love soto and I love it with longtong. I will try your recipe-the spices you put sounds delicious. I love your blog too.

  9. Marc @ NoRecipes says:

    That looks fantastically delicious! I love creamy chicken soups and the coconut milks sounds like the perfect way to make it creamy without being too heavy:-)

  10. Dora says:

    Very very sorry to hear about your dad. May you have good courage & strength through this tough time.

  11. Salt N Turmeric says:

    Anon, they are indeed hearty. ;)

    Worldwindows, I too love the smell of those spices. It makes soto taste even better.

    Wmw, do tell when you try making them ya?

    Joe, are you sure you ate them with pulut or was it nasi impit? ;)

    Kang, how lucky that you had these everyday for breakfast when you were in school!

    Oki, thanks for the info. I will search for the post.

    BananaBlossoms, that was sweet of you and thank you. I hope you will enjoy the soto ayam as much as i do.

  12. Wbguy says:

    No turmeric or kaffir lime leaf in your soto?

  13. jean says:

    Looks quite yummy. :)

  14. Salt N Turmeric says:

    Marc, yes, coconut milk in chicken soup do works well and delicious for this recipe.

    Wbguy, not when I cook it but food is universal and if you want to put anything in it, it is really up to you. :)

    Oki, thank you for the link. Actually I have googled it yesterday. lol.

    Jean, they are indeed yummy.

  15. Gloria says:

    Excellent blog that you obtained with a gratuitous platform. I congratulate to you. Greetings from Argentina

  16. sheng says:

    hi. Can I cook this without the four spices? Thanks.

  17. Farina says:

    Sheng, I guess you could (I wouldn’t) but the smell and taste would be different.

  18. skip1g says:

    why must put coconut milk ???? thanx

  19. piang says:

    what can i substitute for the cardamon? i have a hard time looking for this kind of spice in the grocery store. is it ok if i left this out from the recipe?

  20. spunkz says:

    I love having soto with some fiery sambal kicap! :)

  21. Home economic student says:

    Hey Salt N Turmeric!

    I have to say that your recipe looks good.I need some help on my practical exam.Can you send me the recipe for 1-2 person? I am looking for 3 malay recipes.Appreciate it if you send it to me okay?Thanks!

  22. hi, it’s my first time to check out your blog and I was greatful to find some recipe from Indonesia. I want to share that so many kind of Soto Ayam, and there was from all the country. We called those: Soto Banjar from Borneo Island or Soto Ayam Lamongan from Java, and they have a little bit difference taste. At my hometown Surabaya, East Java we have some popular soto daging Madura. :)

  23. Zoe says:

    I just tried this recipe and yum’s delicious!! Thank you for sharing!!

  24. bella says:

    I think this is a recipe for Opor Ayam, not soto ayam:))

  25. ezy says:

    soto ayam recipe is very delicious, we like and i hope can to eat agains
    great article boz

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